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Announcement: server upgrade and URL changes

August 19, 2008 at 12:31 am by in

We have just completed an upgrade to Fedora 9 from Fedora 7; this brings us in line with the latest feature, stability, and security upgrades to the software installed on the servers. Most software did transfer, but some was unavailable in the Fedora 9 repository.

For example, we do not have Python 2.4 installed because it is not in the Fedora repository, and we haven’t installed the compat-python24 package from a third-party repository since we believe it is not used (in favor of Python 2.5). If you would like us to install Python 2.4, or any packages that are not currently installed, please e-mail

We also recently announced a planned URL change from the form
The new URLs are cleaner and provide improved security isolation (cookies, etc.) between sites. Don’t worry; the old URLs will continue to work until the end of fall term, and even then we will redirect them to the new URLs.

More information is available in the full announcement .

We are planning an autoupgrade in the fall (well in advance of the cutoff) to provide support for the new URL style for sites from the autoinstallers.

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