2020-04-01  Quentin SmithSet admin e-mail address properly on MediaWiki >= 1... master
2020-04-01  Quentin SmithAvoid passing MediaWiki passwords on the command line
2020-03-11  Quentin SmithUpdate MediaWiki config regexes
2020-03-11  Quentin SmithUpdate for Sphinx 1.7
2020-03-11  Quentin SmithMediaWiki installation now requires reading php.ini
2017-01-26  Edward Z. YangFix WordPress install for 4.7.
2017-01-26  Edward Z. YangLog reponse code and headers.
2014-08-11  Edward Z. YangFix type error in MediaWiki error reporting.
2014-05-21  Edward Z. YangClean up command list
2014-04-11  Edward Z. YangMake uninstalls smoother.
2014-04-11  Edward Z. YangAutomate upgrade preparation.
2014-04-11  Edward Z. YangRefactor interactive shell and add addenv support.
2014-04-11  Edward Z. YangAdd human readable names to applications.
2014-02-07  Edward Z. YangMark tracked.
2013-07-20  Edward Z. YangFix kernel buffer overflow by avoiding passing --debug...
2013-07-02  Alex DehnertAdd Trac references to email addr heuristic TODO
2012-08-20  Edward Z. YangRemove string exception from remaster.
2012-08-18  Edward Z. YangDon't choke on an error when summarizing.
2012-06-20  Edward Z. YangWordpress 3.4 disallows empty prefix.
2011-11-26  Edward Z. YangAdd hack to get around AFS rate limiting.
2011-11-25  Edward Z. YangMove set_git_env to proper place.
2011-11-22  Edward Z. YangAnother TODO.
2011-09-26  Edward Z. YangFix formatting bug.
2011-09-26  Edward Z. YangIgnore IOErrors.
2011-09-26  Edward Z. YangSimple Trac stub collection information.
2011-09-18  Edward Z. YangFix missing meta variable for < Wordpress 3.0.
2011-09-17  Edward Z. YangToss out user.scripts.mit.edu/~user Wordpress hack.
2011-09-05  Edward Z. YangTest if math directory exists, to future proof 1.18.0.
2011-09-05  Edward Z. YangMake the executables in math for MediaWiki.
2011-09-05  Alexander ChernyakhovskyMake wizard force-add all files in case upstream includ...
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangAdd a PATH note.
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangPermute the ordering of test script names in docs.
2011-09-04  Bethany A LaPentaFixed typo.
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangMonkeypatch egg_info not to do stupid things.
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangAdd missing dirname stanza to docs.
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangMention registering application classes in summary.
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangImprove plugin documentation.
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangAlso update web documentation.
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangTypofix s/env/envvar/
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangRebuild docs on pull.
2011-09-03  Edward Z. YangFix documentation bugs due to plugin system.
2011-08-16  Edward Z. YangFix bug where php.ini not being rewritten for MediaWiki.
2011-07-31  Edward Z. YangPass server and scriptpath to MediaWiki CLI installer.
2011-07-23  Edward Z. YangDon't discard our changes! Also, better debugging info.
2011-07-23  Edward Z. YangAxe cat-file for reset --hard.
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangAutomatically remaster.
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangMore remaster points!
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangMake wizard remaster safer, suggest it in wizard upgrade.
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangInitial commit of 'wizard remaster'.
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangDon't register strategies which are redundant.
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangNo AFS means OSError, not CallError.
2011-06-26  Edward Z. YangMediaWiki 1.17.0 grew wgUpgradeKey parameter.
2011-06-26  Edward Z. YangUse CLI installer for MediaWiki 1.17.0 and later.
2011-06-12  Edward Z. YangDon't clone with shared, to speed up object access.
2011-05-28  Edward Z. Yangs/Upgrade/Update/ for Wordpress.
2011-05-22  Edward Z. YangNotes, and upgrade Wordpress upgrade script.
2011-05-22  Edward Z. Yangprepare-pristine: stage deleted files too, and update...
2011-02-04  Edward Z. YangMute spurious pending not found error.
2011-01-22  Edward Z. YangAdd missing error description strings.
2011-01-18  Edward Z. YangFix some bugs and make --continue handling more robust.
2011-01-18  Edward Z. YangFix formatting error for backup restoration.
2011-01-07  Edward Z. YangFix documentation bug.
2010-11-17  Edward Z. YangAdd one more MediaWiki version needed.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangMake gct support multiple filenames.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangHave gct properly change ownership instead of 777,...
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangDescribe how to delete a blacklist entry.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangChange to production directory before running certain...
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangSchlep around database handling functions to wizard...
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangAdd some notes about phpBB.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangMove Scripts applications to plugins, fix broken phpBB...
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangMore TODO notes, and update gitignore.
2010-10-25  Edward Z. YangFix typo.
2010-10-25  Edward Z. YangRevert redundant disable-rollback feature.
2010-10-25  Edward Z. YangAdd --skip-verification and --disable-rollback flags...
2010-09-17  Edward Z. YangDon't set author or committer name to empty string.
2010-09-17  Edward Z. YangAllow migration of non old-scripts autoinstalls.
2010-08-02  Edward Z. YangRewrite .scripts to .wizard.
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangFix bad qualification, add better error message.
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangMerge branch 'master' of /mit/ezyang/wizard
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangApply truncation logic to deploy's filtering too.
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangSquish IOErrors too.
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangUID resolution doesn't seem to work quite right, switch...
2010-07-17  Edward Z. YangGet rid of wizard.cache.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangPluginify strategies.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangFix usage error of shell.eval().
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangFix naming conflict.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangRemove obsoleted function call.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangImplement all user information hooks.
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangFix bug in quota code, note improvement for fetch,...
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangAdd closer logging to wizard.deploy.web and related...
2010-07-09  Edward Z. YangVeto account unknown pages, add better error handling...
2010-07-09  Edward Z. YangDo not warn if a random key is missing.
2010-07-06  Edward Z. YangRefresh the index before performing checks.
2010-07-06  Edward Z. YangProperly parse string URLs, and document nextUrl().
2010-07-05  Edward Z. YangProperly register salt values as random.
2010-07-05  Edward Z. YangFix format mismatch error.