Set admin e-mail address properly on MediaWiki >= 1.18.0
[wizard.git] / plugins / scripts /
2013-07-02  Alex DehnertAdd Trac references to email addr heuristic TODO
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangNo AFS means OSError, not CallError.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangSchlep around database handling functions to wizard...
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangMove Scripts applications to plugins, fix broken phpBB...
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangFix bad qualification, add better error message.
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangMerge branch 'master' of /mit/ezyang/wizard
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangUID resolution doesn't seem to work quite right, switch...
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangPluginify strategies.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangFix usage error of shell.eval().
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangFix naming conflict.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangRemove obsoleted function call.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangImplement all user information hooks.
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangFix bug in quota code, note improvement for fetch,...
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangAdd closer logging to wizard.deploy.web and related...
2010-06-14  Edward Z. YangAdd wizard.sql.auth function and plugin, refresh docs.
2010-06-08  Edward Z. YangFix bogus function prototype in scripts plugin.
2010-06-08  Edward Z. YangFix plugin loading code, make wizard load scripts plugin.
2010-06-08  Edward Z. YangMove wizard.scripts module to plugins, added hooks...