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[wizard.git] / bin /
2014-05-21  Edward Z. YangClean up command list
2011-11-26  Edward Z. YangAdd hack to get around AFS rate limiting.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangMake gct support multiple filenames.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangHave gct properly change ownership instead of 777,...
2010-06-08  Edward Z. YangFix plugin loading code, make wizard load scripts plugin.
2010-05-27  Edward Z. YangWizard is now licensed under the MIT License.
2010-04-15  Edward Z. YangReduce concurrency; update TODO.
2010-03-05  Edward Z. YangUse realpath, not abspath, to deal with symlink.
2010-02-06  Edward Z. YangUtility scripts for mass-upgrading.
2010-02-06  Edward Z. YangAdd 'wizard quota' command.
2010-01-10  Edward Z. YangMore updates to retro upgrade instructions.
2010-01-10  Edward Z. YangFix semantics for date falsification to use scripts.
2010-01-10  Edward Z. YangAdd some utility scripts, based off of documentation.
2010-01-09  Edward Z. YangEnable rerere and add plan, add missing docs.
2009-12-22  Edward Z. YangMake some exceptions quiet.
2009-11-02  Edward Z. YangRemove unnecessary commands, add help to install.
2009-11-01  Edward Z. YangImplement interactive mode without validation.
2009-10-24  Edward Z. YangImplement prepare-new/prepare-pristine, add stub wordpress.
2009-10-23  Edward Z. YangSacrifice user friendly message for good messages when...
2009-10-23  Edward Z. YangAdd decorator as a dependency.
2009-10-15  Edward Z. YangStop using excepthook magic, add exitcode support.
2009-10-11  Edward Z. YangChange reporting and logging semantics.
2009-10-04  Edward Z. YangImplement 'wizard blacklist', tweaks.
2009-10-03  Edward Z. YangAdd support for per-user mass-upgrades from root.
2009-10-03  Edward Z. YangImplement 'wizard restore'.
2009-10-03  Edward Z. YangImplement 'wizard backup'. Other minor refactorings:
2009-08-25  Edward Z. YangVarious refinements from our mass-upgrade run.
2009-08-25  Edward Z. YangRefine mass-upgrade script and others from brief test...
2009-08-24  Edward Z. YangMove a number of common parameters to the baton.
2009-08-23  Edward Z. YangRefactor out common mass operations to command module.
2009-08-21  Edward Z. YangPreliminary prototype of research.
2009-08-19  Edward Z. YangFix miscellaneous bugs in migration code.
2009-08-19  Edward Z. YangMake logging not retarded. Fix tests.
2009-08-18  Edward Z. YangRename/remove commands and modules.
2009-08-18  Edward Z. YangAdd 'wizard prepare-config' command, which is upgrade...
2009-08-13  Edward Z. YangFix absolute path from environment bug and debug-all...
2009-08-13  Edward Z. YangImplement test suite for Wizard; includes numerous...
2009-08-07  Edward Z. YangImplement 'wizard install', with other improvements.
2009-07-31  Edward Z. YangFix broken imports and exceptions.
2009-07-31  Edward Z. YangMove a bunch of summary items to full class commands.
2009-07-30  Edward Z. YangRefactor to get rid of using __import__...
2009-07-29  Edward Z. YangAdd poor man's smoketest.
2009-07-07  Edward Z. YangMassive refactor; use batons, wizard summary SUBCOMMAND
2009-07-02  Edward Z. YangFix 'wizard' to print help.
2009-07-02  Edward Z. YangRename .scripts-version (deprecated) and add utility...
2009-07-01  Edward Z. YangFix bug where ./wizard would not work.
2009-06-29  Edward Z. YangMassive refactoring for readability (thanks geofft!)
2009-06-29  Edward Z. YangFactor out common error messages to _base in prep for...
2009-06-28  Edward Z. YangRename lib/wizard to wizard for compactness.
2009-06-27  Edward Z. YangKnock off a whole bunch of TODO items.
2009-06-27  Edward Z. YangMore reorganization; make massmigrate catch all Wizard...
2009-06-17  Edward Z. YangAdd massmigrate stub.
2009-06-17  Edward Z. YangConvert migrate to logger, and misc refactoring.
2009-06-16  Edward Z. YangMore comments, more utils, unfurl modded to work with...
2009-06-16  Edward Z. YangDrastically improved TODO docs and bin.
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangMore refactoring.
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangRename stat to summary, and remove spurious comment.
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangAdd 'wizard migrate' stub, improve wizard bin.
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangAdd README file and fix bug in wizard COMMAND --help
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangLibify wizard.
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangMake wizard into git style dispatch app (with wizard...
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangRename install-statistics to wizard, since it will...
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangUpgrade TODO and fix bug in unfurl.
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangFactor out printing code to a simple logging class.
2009-05-19  Edward Z. YangAdd support for app-1.2.3 queries.
2009-05-19  Edward Z. YangAdd unfurl script, for help with migrating old installs.
2009-05-19  Edward Z. YangAdd some more docs, minor updates.
2009-05-19  Edward Z. YangObject-orient the code, and add --count-exists function...
2009-05-18  Edward Z. YangAdd a nice install-statistics script.
2009-05-17  Edward Z. YangInitial commit.