Set admin e-mail address properly on MediaWiki >= 1.18.0
[wizard.git] / TODO
2014-02-07  Edward Z. YangMark tracked.
2013-07-20  Edward Z. YangFix kernel buffer overflow by avoiding passing --debug...
2013-07-02  Alex DehnertAdd Trac references to email addr heuristic TODO
2011-11-22  Edward Z. YangAnother TODO.
2011-08-16  Edward Z. YangFix bug where php.ini not being rewritten for MediaWiki.
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangDon't register strategies which are redundant.
2011-07-17  Edward Z. YangNo AFS means OSError, not CallError.
2011-06-12  Edward Z. YangDon't clone with shared, to speed up object access.
2011-05-22  Edward Z. YangNotes, and upgrade Wordpress upgrade script.
2011-01-22  Edward Z. YangAdd missing error description strings.
2011-01-18  Edward Z. YangFix some bugs and make --continue handling more robust.
2011-01-18  Edward Z. YangFix formatting error for backup restoration.
2010-11-17  Edward Z. YangAdd one more MediaWiki version needed.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangMake gct support multiple filenames.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangHave gct properly change ownership instead of 777,...
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangDescribe how to delete a blacklist entry.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangChange to production directory before running certain...
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangAdd some notes about phpBB.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangMore TODO notes, and update gitignore.
2010-10-25  Edward Z. YangAdd --skip-verification and --disable-rollback flags...
2010-08-02  Edward Z. YangRewrite .scripts to .wizard.
2010-08-01  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangPluginify strategies.
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangImplement all user information hooks.
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-07-11  Edward Z. YangFix bug in quota code, note improvement for fetch,...
2010-06-05  Edward Z. YangUpdate documentation.
2010-06-05  Edward Z. YangMake safe_unlink remove broken symlinks properly.
2010-06-05  Edward Z. YangDon't write out file if it has no newlines.
2010-06-01  Edward Z. YangAdd UnknownVersionError for versions we don't know...
2010-06-01  rootProperly work around broken symbolic links.
2010-04-15  Edward Z. YangReduce concurrency; update TODO.
2010-03-03  Edward Z. YangMove from TODO to documentation, fix missing DNSError.
2010-03-03  Edward Z. YangReorganize and prune TODO list.
2010-03-03  Edward Z. YangReplace gaierror with more user-friendly message.
2010-03-03  Edward Z. YangExtract URL from database if available for Wordpress.
2010-03-03  Edward Z. YangNicer errors if not in autoinstall directory.
2010-03-02  Edward Z. YangAdd plugin infrastructure for
2010-03-02  Edward Z. YangRefactor change directory code to be consistent and...
2010-02-25  Edward Z. YangFix broken prepare-pristine, update docs and TODO.
2010-02-06  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2010-01-17  Edward Z. YangAdd siteurl Wordpress hack.
2010-01-11  Edward Z. YangRewrite merge functionality into its own module.
2010-01-09  Edward Z. YangUpdate rerere design document.
2010-01-09  Edward Z. YangEnable rerere and add plan, add missing docs.
2009-12-29  Ian SmithAdmin username and password support for Wordpress
2009-12-28  Edward Z. YangAdd more testing documentation on prompting of Ian...
2009-12-27  Edward Z. YangFix non-zero shell exit code and --continue in wrong...
2009-12-26  Edward Z. YangFix some bugs that Xavid found.
2009-12-25  Edward Z. YangMake the commit not get call errors subsumed.
2009-12-23  Edward Z. YangDocumentation for retro commits.
2009-12-23  Edward Z. YangAdd success reporting.
2009-12-23  Edward Z. YangAllow breaking stale locks, refactor tests slightly.
2009-12-23  Edward Z. YangRetry quota parse if volume is busy.
2009-12-23  Edward Z. YangStuff TODO from Wordpress run.
2009-12-22  Edward Z. YangUse diff3 conflict style, which gives more information.
2009-12-22  Edward Z. YangAdd CRLF/LF/CR merge resolution algoritm of AWESOME.
2009-12-22  Edward Z. YangAdd interactive upgrade mode, suggested by Nelson Elhage.
2009-12-22  Edward Z. YangMake some exceptions quiet.
2009-12-22  Edward Z. YangRefactor URL parsing code to be clean, support for...
2009-12-08  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2009-12-08  Edward Z. YangMake test scripts run from any directory.
2009-12-07  Edward Z. YangRevamp database infrastructure.
2009-11-26  Edward Z. YangUpdate upgrading instructions with implementation details.
2009-11-26  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2009-11-25  Edward Z. YangAdd --retry option, remove ncurses flash.
2009-11-25  Edward Z. YangReduce duplication in test scripts, more logging.
2009-11-25  Edward Z. YangImplement upgrades for Wordpress, refactoring.
2009-11-20  Edward Z. YangMatch for Success in wordpress installer. More document...
2009-11-19  Edward Z. YangFinish repository conversion docs, move re_define to...
2009-11-16  Edward Z. YangMore documentation improvements.
2009-11-05  Edward Z. YangRevamp 'wizard summary', and start writing tutorial...
2009-11-04  Edward Z. YangTest if terminal is supported, or fallback to Prompt.
2009-11-04  Edward Z. YangMinor doc updates and code refinements.
2009-11-03  Edward Z. YangRevamp tests, fix minor usability problems with installer.
2009-11-03  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO, fix broken prepare-config.
2009-11-03  Edward Z. YangImplement Wordpress installer for 2.0.2 w/ sqlalchemy.
2009-11-02  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2009-11-02  Edward Z. YangRemove unnecessary commands, add help to install.
2009-11-01  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2009-11-01  Edward Z. YangImplement interactive mode without validation.
2009-10-28  Edward Z. YangAdd php.ini note in TODO, and mention general purpose.
2009-10-24  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2009-10-24  Edward Z. YangImplement prepare-new/prepare-pristine, add stub wordpress.
2009-10-23  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2009-10-23  Edward Z. YangMisc bug fixes.
2009-10-21  Edward Z. YangPartition on colon for exceptions, ignore blank blackli...
2009-10-17  Edward Z. YangMake blacklisted error have different error code, remov...
2009-10-17  Edward Z. YangMove generic functionality out of
2009-10-15  Edward Z. YangMinor refactorings, update TODO.
2009-10-12  Edward Z. YangUpdate TODO.
2009-10-12  Edward Z. YangImplement disk quota checking.
2009-10-11  Edward Z. YangReport stats if you C-c the process.
2009-10-11  Edward Z. YangAutomatically perform logging during --continue.
2009-10-11  Edward Z. YangImplement number of conflict reporting for upgrades.
2009-10-11  Edward Z. YangImplement 'append-by-default' reports, --redo for mass...
2009-10-11  Edward Z. YangChange reporting and logging semantics.
2009-10-10  Edward Z. YangImplement quick logging changes.