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Can I serve Subversion or Git repositories on

Yes, scripts supports virtual hosting for Subversion and Git repositories.

git autoinstaller

For git, we now provide an autoinstaller that will create a git repository and set it up for access using git’s smart HTTP transport, the git daemon (read-only), ssh (for locker administrators only), or standard filesystem access. To use the autoinstaller:

athena% add scripts
athena% scripts-git

To configure write access to your repository, edit the .htaccess file in the ~/web_scripts/repo folder that was setup. For example, you can setup client auth or you can restrict both read/write access by moving the access control lines outside of the <Files> block.

Manual setup for Subversion or git

If you want to use Subversion or set up git by hand, the process is more involved.

Create a folder named ~/Scripts/git or ~/Scripts/svn:

athena% add scripts
athena% signup-minimal
athena% mkdir -p ~/Scripts/git
athena% mkdir -p ~/Scripts/svn

Then either place your repository in that directory or create a symbolic link to your repository:

athena% ln -s ~/cool-repo.git ~/Scripts/git/

Make sure that your repository is readable by scripts, including all its subdirectories. For example, run:

athena% add consult
athena% fsr sa ~/Scripts/svn/repository/ daemon.scripts read

If you are using git, you need to make sure that your repository is marked as exportable:

athena% touch ~/Scripts/git/cool-repo.git/git-daemon-export-ok

Users can checkout the repository using:

git clone git://
svn co svn://

scripts currently doesn’t support pushing via the git protocol. The smart HTTP transport will work, though to use that you should read git’s documentation or use our autoinstaller (described above). Subversion does support unencrypted commits, which you can configure with the files in the conf/ subdirectory of your repository. For this to work, scripts must also have write access to your repository, e.g.:

athena% athrun consult fsr sa ~/Scripts/svn/repository/ daemon.scripts write

You will also need to enable password authentication by removing the # from the start of the “password-db = passwd” line in ~/Scripts/svn/repository/conf/svnserve.conf, and by adding passwords to ~/Scripts/svn/repository/conf/passwd.

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