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How do I move my MediaWiki to a new locker?

Unfortunately, it is a multi-step process to move a MediaWiki installation to a new locker.

To move a MediaWiki located in directory /mit/A/web_scripts/index to a new directory /mit/B/web_scripts/index:

1. Attach the two directories so as to make administrative tasks easier:
athena% attach A
athena% attach B

2. To sign up the second locker (if necessary)
athena% add scripts
athena% signup-web B

3. Copy the Databases using SQL.
3b) While in Locker B signup for sql
athena% signup-sql
3c) Sign into phpMyAdmin web interface at
3d) You will need the username and password located in the .my.cnf file of each locker (i.e. /mit/A/.my.cnf).
3e) Sign into the SQL account for locker A using phpMyAdmin first.
3f) Click on A+index
3g) Use the export button to download a copy of the database to your computer.
3h) Exit and Sign into the SQL account for locker B (NOT phpMyAdmin)
3i) Create a new database using the “add” field in the bottom right of the list of databases.
3j) Sign into phpMyAdmin for locker B
3k) Click on B+index
3l) Use the import tool to import the file you just exported from your
desktop. Be sure to select the correct character set.

4. Recursively copy the software,
athena% cp -r /mit/A/web_scripts/index /mit/B/web_scripts

5. Update settings:
5a) Update the /mit/B/web_scripts/index/LocalSettings.php with the wgSitename,
wgScriptPath, wgDBname, wgDBuser, and wbDBpassword lines to reflect
the new locker

5b) Update the /mit/B/web_scripts/index/php.ini file with the correct locker username for the
upload_tmp_dir and the session.save_path (otherwise the computer will not
remember that you are logged in)

6) Be happy.

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