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How do I move a site from one locker to another?

If you are trying to move a MediaWiki, please use the detailed instructions here.

If you have a custom hostname that needs to be moved, perform the steps below and then contact

In this example, Ben Bitdiddle will be move a wiki to the 6.001 locker. First he makes sure the 6.001 locker is signed up for the scripts and SQL services:

athena% add scripts
athena% signup-web
athena% signup-sql

Then he copies over the files:

athena% attach bitdiddl 6.001
athena% cp -a /mit/bitdiddl/web_scripts/wiki /mit/6.001/web_scripts

Then he dumps the SQL database, creates a database named wiki for 6.001 by logging into as 6.001, and restores the dump into the 6.001 locker. A database dump can be created and restored either with phpMyAdmin, or with the command line:

athena% ssh -k scripts
[bitdiddl@scripts]$ mysqldump bitdiddl+wiki > database-dump.sql
[bitdiddl@scripts]$ exit
athena% mv database-dump.sql /mit/6.001/web_scripts
athena% ssh -k 6.001@scripts
[6.001@scripts]$ mysql 6.001+wiki < database-dump.sql

Finally, he edits the configuration files in /mit/6.001/web_scripts/wiki to use the 6.001 locker's username and password. For MediaWiki, this is done in the file LocalSettings.php.

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