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How can I signup my personal or group locker for the MySQL service?

If your group does not already have a locker, start by mailing to get one.

Please note: MySQL has hard-coded a 16 character limit for usernames into its server and client. Since all MySQL accounts are linked to Athena lockers by name, your locker must be no more than 16 characters to use the service.

Individuals or groups that have lockers can easily register for a MySQL account at an Athena prompt:

athena$ add scripts
athena$ signup-sql

Individuals wishing to register an account for themselves should select option #1 at the first prompt. To register an account for a group, select option #2 at the first prompt.

You may get an error message that says The MySQL login information in your .my.cnf file appears to be incorrect. If this happens, you will need to manually set your MySQL password. Go to and log in via your MIT certificate. Click Account and create a new MySQL password. Your MySQL password should be different from your Athena account password. Copy this password into the .my.cnf file in your Athena home directory after the password=. Your MySQL account should then work correctly.

If you do not get an error when running signup-sql, you can then read your password from /mit/locker/.sql/my.cnf. You can use this to log in to under the “SQL Password” option. You will need to create and drop databases from, but you can do all other operations from any MySQL client. We recommend using phpMyAdmin.

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