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Who is a locker administrator?

For technical reasons (part of the signup process involves giving the scripts server access to the web_scripts directory) as well as practical ones (only authorized users should be able to act on behalf of the locker), we require that anyone who is setting up scripts services for a locker be a locker administrator.

You can view the locker administrators with the command fs la (filesystem list access), e.g.:

athena% attach scripts
athena% fs la /mit/scripts
Access list for /mit/scripts is
Normal rights:
  system:scripts-root rlidwka
  system:anyuser rl

Any entry with lowercase “a” at the end indicates a locker administrator. If the entry starts with “system:”, it refers to a Moira list; otherwise, it is a username. (The notable exceptions are system:anyuser, which refers to the public, and system:administrators, which includes only IS&T staff.) You can usually find out the members of a list with the command blanche, e.g., blanche scripts-root or using WebMoira. (Generally, you can also just e-mail the list.)

In general, we recommend maintaining a list (which must be marked as an “AFS group”) that has admininstrative access, rather than individually granting access to users. A list owner can use blanche or WebMoira ( to update the membership of lists.

Any existing locker administrator can make you directly or a list containing you an administrator using the fs sa (filesystem set access) command:

athena% attach locker
athena% fs sa /mit/locker system:listname all

athena% fs sa /mit/locker username all
to grant access directly to a user.)

If you are unable to contact any locker administrators, you should have someone appropriate (e.g., an officer of the student group), which may be you, e-mail

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