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How do I redirect visitors from my or URL to my website?

URLs on (e.g., or, the tilde is optional) point to the top level of your Athena locker (/mit/jbarnold in this case).

URLs on (e.g.,, the tilde is required) point to the www subdirectory of your Athena locker (/mit/jbarnold/www).

If you want visitors to your or URL to see your scripts site instead, first, cd to the directory corresponding to your or URL (for example, my directory /mit/jbarnold/www corresponds to the URL

athena% attach jbarnold
athena% cd /mit/jbarnold/www

Next, create a file in this directory and add rewrite rules to it. For example, if I wanted to redirect both and to, I would add the following two lines:

Redirect 301 /~jbarnold
Redirect 301 /jbarnold/www

The first line handles redirecting to and the second line (which is completely independent) handles redirecting to

Finally, if you placed this in your locker, rather in the www subdirectory, you may need to give the server access to your locker, so it can read your file (warning: this will also cause all the files in your locker to be readable over

athena% fs sa . read

You should check that the redirect is working, and that people cannot read your personal files via (e.g.,

You can find more information about .htaccess files and Apache Redirect rules via Google. IS&T has a website about files, but it focuses on restricting content, not redirects. If you have questions about how you should set up your file, feel free to contact us by e-mailing

You can also redirect visitors from your site to another website.

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