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Why does reading files cause 'permission denied' errors on

If you get this error when ssh’d to scripts and trying to access another locker, please make sure you’ve followed the directions to ssh to scripts. If you are getting this error when running scripts, or when accessing files under the locker you’re logged in as, please continue reading.

On, your scripts are served using special Athena filesystem privileges associated with your account on These privileges allow your account to access any file that is both 1) inside your AFS locker and 2) accessible by “daemon.scripts” (a special set of AFS credentials owned by the script server).

The signup process takes care of setting up your web_scripts directory so that daemon.scripts has access to your web_scripts directory and its subdirectories. To give daemon.scripts read access to other parts of your home directory, you can do, for example:

athena% add consult
athena% fsr sa ~/my-scripts-data/ daemon.scripts read

Certain kinds of “non-executable content” (for example, images) underneath your web_scripts directory are also served to the web using your credentials. Here is the complete list of the file extensions served directly to the web using your account.

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