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Can I limit access to my scripts and/or other content using passwords?

Yes. Follow these instructions to limit web access to a subdirectory of your web_scripts directory:

1. Decide upon one or more usernames and passwords that will be allowed to access the content. Do not use your Athena password!
2. On Athena, cd to the directory to which you want to limit access.
3. Run “add scripts”.
4. Run “webaccess allow USER_NAME” and enter the desired password for USER_NAME upon request.
5. Repeat step #4 for every username that you want to be able to access the content.
6. Use a web browser to confirm that access is being restricted correctly.

“webaccess remove USER_NAME” will remove a user’s access.
“webaccess reset” will clear all access restrictions on a directory.

(webaccess works by creating .htaccess and .htpasswd files for you)

You can also limit access using MIT certificates.

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