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How can I restore my website or other scripts to a previous version?

Restoring your website from a backup may involve:

  • A request to IS&T to get the old version of your Athena locker restored from their backups
  • Restoring database backups

These can take time, so it may be worth trying to fix problems you’ve introduced into your website directly, instead of restoring from a backup. (This does not apply if you’ve deleted data that you can’t recreate.) If you’ve exhausted the available debugging help, you can try contacting us at to see if we can help with debugging. Keep in mind that our ability to help users debug their websites is limited, and we may end up telling you that you should just restore from backup or recreate your website.

If you do need to restore your backup, you should reach out to with your request to restore the website files in your Athena locker from backup. If you have a database that you also need restored, and IS&T doesn’t help you restore it, reach out to to request help restoring your database.

You can also find relevant information on the How can I get a file restored from AFS backups? page on the IS&T Knowledge Base.

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