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How can I install Ruby gems in my locker?

First, note that many Ruby gems are already installed on, and we’re generally pretty willing to install generally-useful software globally; email us at to ask. This has the advantage that you won’t have to worry about keeping the packages up to date; in some cases, using out-of-date modules could lead to security vulnerabilities in your site. Furthermore, a frequent practice in the Ruby community is to have sets of Ruby packages associated with deployments, in which case installing a gem in your locker might be too global.

In order to install a Ruby gem to your locker, you will first need to create the directory to install into and give permission to it. From an Athena prompt, do the following, where lockername is the name of your locker:

add consult
mkdir /mit/lockername/.gem
mkdir /mit/lockername/.bundle
mkdir /mit/lockername/bin
fsr sa /mit/lockername/.gem daemon.scripts write
fsr sa /mit/lockername/.bundle daemon.scripts write
fsr sa /mit/lockername/bin daemon.scripts write

To tell a bundler configured app to use this local Gem store, run this command on a Scripts server, in the directory of your application:

bundle config path ~/.gem/ruby/1.9.1

Then, to install a gem, SSH into Scripts and run:

gem install -l gemname
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