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How do I authenticate users with certificates?

In order to enable authentication through certificates, you need to install a special MediaWiki extension called MITAuth.

1) SSH into the scripts server

2) Go to the root directory of your MediaWiki installation

3) Check out the extension into the extensions/MITAuth directory:

git clone extensions/MITAuth

4) Set up the database table for the extension:

php maintenance/sql.php extensions/MITAuth/mitauth.sql

5) Edit your LocalSettings.php file and enable the extension by adding the following line:

require_once( "$IP/extensions/MITAuth/MITAuth.php" );

6) If you want non-MIT users to be able to sign up and be able log into MediaWiki:

$wgMITAuthenticationMode = 'combined';

Now your wiki should be able to use MIT certificates for authentication. If you have an existing account, you may link it to the MIT identity using the link in the preferences.

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