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How can I move a WordPress install?

WordPress saves the URL to use to access it in its configuration. If you move the directory you installed WordPress into or start using a short URL without first updating that URL, you may accidentally lock yourself out of the WordPress admin interface.

To update the stored URL:
  1. Wait until you’re ready to start using the new URL. In particular, if you’re requesting a new hostname (like, wait until the Scripts team contacts you to tell you that the new hostname is working, and confirm that works. If you don’t wait, you will lock yourself out of the WordPress admin interface.
  2. Log into the WordPress admin interface using the old URL
  3. Select the “Settings” link in the sidebar
  4. Change both the “WordPress Address (URL)” and the “Site Address (URL)” to the address you want to be able to access it at.
  5. You may get a “404 Not Found” message when you save the changes. This is likely not a problem, and you should see if finishing the move fixes it.
  6. Once you move the PHP scripts in AFS or your new hostname gets activated, you should be able to use the new URL
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