El Potrero Chico

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Over spring break 2005 Scott, Erica, Patrice and myself went to climb in El potrero Chico, in Mexico.

Getting there was no problem, fly to Monterrey then get a taxi to Hidalgo (US$30). Tell the taxi driver to take you to the whatever campsite you are going to stay in.

There are three main options,

  • Rancho Cerro Gordo
  • Homero's
  • ???(what's the name of the third one next to tami's cafe?)

We stayed at RCG after seeing that Homero's is small, dusty and not very nice. The setup in RCG is very nice. big isolated camping sites and a large separate common area which is covered (good when it's hot...) the problem is that it's a little far from the cliffs. an extra 5-10 minutes walking.

most days scott and I climbed as a team. Here's a breakdown of what we managed to climb:


Time-wave zero (3 hours 51 minutes!) including meeting with Amos Beninga mid-way...but that story is for some other time.

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