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2012 Season Stats

From data taken with UltiStats for iPhone from Centex, Conference and Regionals (not all games were recorded).

Pull vs. win data:
Teams starting on O won: 12 times
Teams starting on D won: 4 times
O/D win ratio: 3

When MIT started on O we won: 5 times
When MIT started on D we won: 2 times
MIT's O/D win ratio: 2.5

Pull vs. win data for lopsided games (where the spread was >5 pts)
In lopsided games, the team starting on O won: 7 times
In lopsided games, the team starting on D won: 1 times
Lopsided O/D win ratio: 7

Pull vs. half data
The team starting on O took half 12 times
The team starting on D took half 4 times
O/D taking half ratio: 3

Half vs. win data
The team that took half won 16 times
The team that took half lost 0 times

Game to 3 vs. half data
When MIT won the game to 3, we won 6 times (out of 7 total wins)
When the other team won the game to 3, they won 8 times (out of 9 total wins)

Tournament-by-tournament team statistics

Centex point data

Centex data on turns

conf points summary

conf turns dataa

point summary regionals

turns data regionals

Tournament-by-tournament position statistics

centex players

conference players

regionals players

centex goals assists

conference goals assists