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It is not uncommon after ultimate games to find opposing teams delivering to each other haiku's, limericks, songs, or otherwise interesting antics.

Some years we end up writing more cheers than others. Some years we forget to save them, or don't remember them. In any case, here is our (only partially complete) archive of cheers.

To: Tufts B @: UNH Casual Huck 2012
Sung to: Call Me Maybe
Hey we just played you
And it was crazy
You hucked it so far
And caught that Frisbee

It's hard to score on
Such great defense
You mark us hard and
Play so intense

We used to have some energy
But you played so hard
But you played so hard
But you played so so hard

To: UCSD Psychos at Centex 2012 (bracket play)
Sung to: The Lazy Song
Today we played you in a Frisbee game (do do do do do do)
And you really blew us away
You kept picking up the disc
Forcing us to take some risks
This was the ultimate Frisbee game

You cut down the field
And hucked it so deep
We tried some zone D
But your O made us weep
Nobody can throw like you can

You jumped so high and laid out on D
When we were open, there you would be
Cuz we couldn't catch up as you ran
Yes we said it, we said it, we said it cuz we can
Psychos played so well in this Frisbee game
It was so fun

To: Rice Torque at Centex 2012
Sung To: "Teenage Dream"
Your throws were pretty, forehand and backhand too
On hucks and pulls we just watched how far they flew
Your cuts were awesome and we couldn't chase you down (down)

As you threw, and caught the disc
Up the field, we ran
We kept trying, to get the D
But then still, you would score again

You make us feel like we're living a Frisbee dream
The way you run it through
We can't breathe
Because you run so fast and so hard so fast and so hard

Our O stops when you get that D
Just one tip
And then a turn there'd be
It's been real
So take a chance and come play us again come play us again

To: UCSD Psychos @ Centex 2012 (pool play)
Tonight, Tonight
It's been a really really fun fun game
Seven on the line, waiting for the pull
And then you go and throw it again
We're running all the time, there's not a single lull
La la la (a cup!) La la la (it's a zone guys!) La la la (you pop!) La la la

We're playing Frisbee today, today
There's an up the line cut and a layout D
Today, Today
And you're trapping so hard we can't hit the dump

I don't know how you caught it
But somehow you still got it
We loved to play, to play, today, today
Woah oh oh (I got it!) Woah oh oh (go deep!) Woah oh oh (UPPPP!!!) woah oh oh

To: Washington University WuWu @ Centex 2012
Sung To: Baby (Justin Beiber) **(we sang this to WuWu from Wash U)
Wooooahhh oh (3x)
You know she caught it, you hit that throw
After she dished it, what pretty flow
You hucked it deep, and she layed out
And there will never ever ever be a doubt

That you played awesome, both O and D
You fought hard, oh can't you see
That we thought all your throws were sublime
And your first throw broke the mark for the first time

We were like WuWu, WuWu, WuWu, OHM
Like WuWu, WuWu, WuWu, No
Like WuWu, WuWu, WuWu, OH
We called out from the side line (line)

To: UMass Amherst @ Get Skyyed (Stonehill) 2012
Sung To: Dancing Queen
On your throws you were getting low
Looking round for a place to throw
Then she made a great in-cut, Then you dump and swing
Now you look to the wing

Your receivers jumped to the sky
The game was young and the disc was high
You kept throwing such big hucks
And getting run through Ds
You shut down our O
And that's how we know

You are a Frisbee team
Going deep, playing to thirteen
Frisbee team, you are really living out the dream oh yeah
You can huck, you can bid
And that's why we'd never kid
Ooohh see that pull, watch that scene
Digging your Frisbee team

To: BU Ozone Pilots @ UNH Casual Huck 2012
See You Again
You all know how to run through, and we just have to say
This was a wicked intense, Frisbee game
We knew you were something special when we heard your name
Now we can't wait, to play you again

You have a way of catching, all of your Ds
And your zone really brought us, down onto our knees
Cuz we just couldn't break around you, when you were trapping so hard
Now we can't wait, to play you again

That last time you layed out, caught the disc on the ground
Your sweet bids were what made all your teammates cheer and shout
Now we can barely breath
We used our energy
To quickly get on D
Oh you are such a great team

The next time you lay out
We will redeem ourselves
We will get a big D then
Oh woah woah
We, we just can't wait to play you again.

To: Lady Zoo @: After UMass Amherst 2011
Sung to: "Blowin in the Wind"
How many hucks must a Lady Zoo grab before you can call her a man?
How many cuts must get by our defense before we switch to the clam?
Yes, how many marks must your handler break before we change our plan?

The frisbee, my friends, is blowin' in the wind. The frisbee is blowin' in the wind.

To: Anyone @: After UMass Amherst 2011
Sung to: "Afternoon Delight"
You hucked and bid and gave a great fight and we had some afternoon delight
Our motto's always been when the discs in flight, we gotta play hard because you've got might.
The frisbee is in flight. ZOOM! Afternoon delight. Ahhh Afternoon Delight

This one comes with a youtube video:

To: Clark @: Wellesley WUT 2011
Sung to: "I'll make a man out of you"
We've been playing frisbee, and it's been real fun
We had a great time playing, even with no sun
You're the fastest bunch I ever met, and you know how to run through
Someday I'll throw a disc just like you!

To: Northeastern B @: Regionals 2011
Sung to: "Stacy's Mom" (Fountains of Wayne)
Valkyries we think that you're cool (think you're cool)
We're so glad you are in our pool (in our pool)
You run so fast and your cuts are slick (cuts are slick)
We stand no chance when you throw that flick (throw that flick)
We can't keep up with you valkyries
Your bids are so epic Northeastern B!
Northeastern has got it going on
You jumped so high, you skied us all day long
Northeastern B, you can always get that D
Your hucks fly so long
We're in love with Valk'ries mom.

To: Yale Beezus @: Yale Cup 2004
Sung to: "This Love" (Maroon 5)
I was so tired
I did not recognize
The cut coming from behind
The Beezus that controlled the force side

Whispered goodbye
She cut down the lane
Leaving her defense behind
And then the disc went up

You just keep breakin' the mark on me
I said, "Hot Damn!" Those Beezus girls got game
Good luck the rest of the weekend
Thanks for hosting this awesome tournament

sMITe's version of Intergalactic (Beastie Boys)
Don't you tell me to SMILE
You stick around I'll make it worth your WHILE
From the Charles River out to THE NILE
I'm running down the disc until the last MILE

Step onto the field disrupt the whole SCENE
Gotta keep it goin keep it goin FULL STEAM


To: BU Ozone Pilots @: Beanpot Scrimmage, fall 2003
Sung to: "Oh What a Night (December 1963)" (The Four Seasons)
Oh what a night
In November at MIT
BU Pilots ran all over me
What a scrimmage, what a night

And I
Got a funny feeling
When she cut break
And I
Definitely bit on her fake
Oh yeah BU!

To: Smith Luna @: Wilson Memorial 2003
Sung to: "Cecelia" (Simon & Garfunkel)
Oh Smith Luna
You're breaking my force
You're shaking our defense all over
Whoa Smith Luna
We're down on our knees
Being cut off by your sweet layout Ds
Playing disc in the early morn
With Smith Luna up in Amherst, Mass

To: BU Ozone Pilots @: Wilson Memorial 2003
Sung to: "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" (Nancy Sinatra)
Are you ready sMITe? Start cheering
These discs were made for huckin'
And that's just what you did
Threw those discs all over the field
And we didn't have a bid
Your Pirate D was fearsome
And your O was really hot too
It may have been rainy this morn
But we had fun playing you

To: Harvard Quasar @: Beanpot Scrimmage Fall 2003
Sung to: "The Sweater Song" (Weezer)
If you want to destroy our defense
Huck the disc as you cut away (as you cut awaaaay)
Our D unravels
We'll soon be tired
We're lyin' on the field
Lyin' on the field
You'll dump and swing!

To: Brown Disco Inferno @: Coffee Cup 2003
Sung to: "Hakuna Matata"
Hakuna Matata
We don't have time to cheer
Hakuna Matata
A great start to the year
It bodes great frisbee
We'll be seeing you soon
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata
Yeah Brown!

To: Williams WHUFO @: Coffee Cup 2003
Sung to: "Rainbow Connection"
Why are there so many
Discs in the air
That I just can't land with?
Oh it's because
You skied us all over
And over and over again
You played a great game and we think you're awesome
Good luck the rest of the day
Some day we'll see you
And then we will play you
And frisbee will rule the day

To: Wesleyan Vicious Circles @: Coffee Cup 2003
Sung to: "Despite All Our Rage" (Smashing Pumpkins)
The field is getting wet
But you still played hot
Back and forth
You made us run a lot
Despite all our game
You still played tough just the same
Despite all our rage
We couldn't put you in a cage
Yo' so vicious
Hells yeah!

To: Brown Disco Inferno @: NE Regionals 2002
Sung to: "Moondance" (Van Morrison)
It's a marvelous day for some frisbee
And Brown Disc is hot, they're on fire
Disco's hucking and skying and d'ing
And your layouts we really admire

Your zone was PHAAAAT, with a P-H
Your flow was SMOOOOTH with an S
You threw it UUUUUUP the break side
That really sucks...for me!

Discoooo, good luck at Nationals in 3 weeks...a-You rock!

To: Yale Ramona @: Regionals 2002
Sung to: "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"
Playin' in the morning sun
'Mona's huckin' till the evening comes
Watchin' my girl go by
As she beats me to the open side


'Mona hits the ground all day
Laying ooooouuuuut in every way


You're gonna kick ass in your next game
'cause you're hard coooooore

To: UMass ZooDisc @: Regionals 2002
Sung to: the Sharon Lois & Bram Elephant Show song
Skimanarinkidinkidink skimanarinkizoo
Your forehands rule

Your jerseys are awesome too
You zoned us in the morning
And D'ed us at noon
Good luck in your game this evening
We hope to see you soon!

Skimanarinkidinkidink skimanarinkizoo
We love playing you...

To: Bucknell Peace Frogs @: Yale Cup 2002
Sung to: "In the Jungle" (The Four Seasons)
In New Haven on Yale's IM fields
the Peace Frogs rocked today
In New Haven at Yale Cup finals
The Peace Frogs skied today

They set the zone, we turf the disc
They throw the huck, we watch them fly (x2)

Bucknell Peace Frogs your cup was brutal
We feared your zone today
And your spirit is something special
A real fun team to play!

A wheeeee....had fun today!

To: UPenn Venus @: Yale Cup 2002
A limerick
There once was a team named Venus
All through the game they would D us
They worked the break side
For the disc we both vied
You're faster than a dude with a (pause) HAIRY CHEST

To: Haverford @: Yale Cup 2002
An almost-limerick
There once was a team called Sneeches
They had some good reaches
Our zone watched them fly
Even though it smelled like horse crap.

To: Yale Ramona @: Yale Cup 2002
Sung to: "You're the One That I Want" (Grease)
I've got chills, they're multiplying
And I'm losing control
Cause the power Yale's providing
It's electrifying

We better shape up or Yale will smack it down
They'll pick it up and huck it deep
We better shape up or Yale will lay it out
They'll break the mark you know you do
(Nothing left nothing left for us to do)

Yale Ramona is hot, Ramona is hot (oooh oh oooh) (x3)

With a big sky block and hucking it deep

To: BUSKRO - BU-Skidmore-Rochester combo team @: UMassacre 2002
Sung to: the Day-Oh song that was in Beetlejuice
Buuskro Buuuuskro
Sunday come we get to play you again (x2)

Tournament food is green banana
Sunday come we get to play you again
You broke our cup we had to play man-u
Sunday come we get to play you again

Buuskro Buuuuskro
Sunday come we get to play you again (x2)

6 stall 7 stall 8 stall huck!
Sunday come we get to play you again
You broke our mark and sent it up!
Sunday come we get to play you again

You like to lay out but you hurt your breasts
Sunday come we get to play you again
You rocked even though you didn't get to rest
Sunday come we get to play you again

Buuskro Buuuuskro
Sunday come we all get to go home (x2)

To: Princeton Clockwork Orange @: UMassacre 2002
Sung to: "The Right Stuff" (New Kids on the Block)
Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh, the right huck (x2)

First huck was a great huck
Second one just as hot
Third and the fourth hucks left us in the dust
You can see it in your cuts
You left us on our butts
Sooner or later you'll score in the endzone with the disc
You got the right huck, clockwork

Love the way you spin the disc (the right hucks)
You got the right hucks, clockwork
You're the reason why we sing this cheer (the right hucks)

Oh oh oh oh oh...

To: Yale Ramona @: Huck-a-Hunk-a-Burnin'-Pumpkin 2002
Sung to: "If I Had a Million Dollars" (Barenaked Ladies)
If I had a million dollars
(If I had a million dollars)
I'd buy another game with you
(because we haven't gotten enough)

If I had a million dollars
(If I had a million dollars)
I'd buy another day like this
(cause it's sunny and fun to play frisbee)

If I had a million dollars
(If I had a million dollars)
I'd buy your break mark throws
(every one of your break mark throws)

If I had a million dollars
(If I had a million dollars)
I'd buy your tenacityyyyyy

If I had a million dollars
(I'd want to buy your give and go's)
If I had a million dollars
(I'd buy your layout D's and O's)
If I had a million dollars
I'd take a double page ad in the New York Times saying how great Ramona is, but since I don't you'll have to settle for this cheer.

To: Columbia University's NYPD (New York Phat Disc) @: Huck-a-Hunk-a-Burnin'-Pumpkin 2002
Sung to: "Piano Man" (Billy Joel)
It's 11 am on a Saturday
And it's raining all around
The discs are wet and hard to catch
Yet Columbia swings it around.

Lay, lay, lay, lay lay lay lay
Lay, lay lay lay lay laaaaay out

So run really long Columbia
Cause you have the throws and the speed
You're good at zone and when you cut you're alone
Cause we can't keep up with your lead.

Lay, lay, lay, lay lay lay lay
Lay, lay, lay, lay, NYPD

Good game, Columbia

To: University of Wisconsin - Madison Belladonna @: Nationals 2001
Sung to: "Bye Bye Bye" (N'Sync)
You play the game so right
Your D is really tight
Oh look she's taking flight
Hey Bella come on

You hucked it endlessly
And you were there on D
You make it look easy
Hey Bella come on

I know that I can't take no more
It ain't no lie
I see you jump and catch that score
Bella sky sky sky

To: Middlebury @: Yale Cup 2001
Sung to: "On top of Old Smokey"
On top of New Haven
All covered with grass
I lost my poor frisbee
Cause you were too fast

You laid out for offense
You laid our for D
You handled it so well
Then you killed our Z

You throw it so nicely
You catch it so clean
Your hands are like Velcro
And you broke our cup

To: Wesleyan Vicious @: Yale Cup 2001
Sung to: a protest chant
Ain't no power like the power of the pink
Cause the power of the pink don't stop
Hey hey
Ain't no power like the power of the huck
Cause the power of the huck don't stop
Hey hey
Ain't no power like the power of the Vicious
Cause the power of the Vicious don't stop
Hey hey
Ain't no power like the power of your spirit
Cause the power of your spirit don't stop
Hey hey

Vicious and D@mit, will never be divided (repeat many times, and then fade into dancing)

To: Tufts eWo @: Yale Cup 2001
Sung to: "The 12 Days of Christmas"
On the first day of Yale Cup, eWo gave to me
12 huckers hucking
11 receivers running
10 cutters cutting
9 points unanswered
8 pretty forehands
7 perfect backhands
6 people laying
5 minute halfs
4-cing forehand
3 in the cup
2 poachers poaching
and 1 great Ultimate team

To: Cornell Wild Roses @: Yale Cup 2001
Sung to: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (The Beatles)
Picture yourself on a field in New Haven
With wind everywhere and sun in your eyes
Suddenly someone whizzes right by me
The girl with the chain mail skirt

Roses in the sky with frisbees
Roses in the sky with frisbees
Roses in the sky with frisbees
Ahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh

Pick up the mark but she hucks it right past you
The girl with the beast forehand {{ grammatical interlude explaining the
usage and derivation of the adjective "beast" - vernacular for phat}}
Suddenly Roses sprout up in the endzone
The team with the great marks and fast D.

Roses in the sky with frisbees
Roses in the sky with frisbees
Roses in the sky with frisbees
Ahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh

From: Cornell Wild Roses @: Yale Cup 2001

Sung to: Beaver cheer
You are beavers
You are beavers
You are beavers all
We think it's really funny when you do the beaver call

They throw the huck
D the huck
D the huck
They throw the huck, D the huck


Show me yours
I'll show you mine
Damn it beavers, you played a good game!

To: Williams WHUFO @: Regionals 2001
Sung to: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" (Aretha Franklin)
(ooh) When you throw
(ooh) Baby, you got it
(ooh) You get that D
(ooh) Babe we lost it
(ooh) All we're asking
Is to play some ultimate frisbee (just a little bit) Baby
(just a little bit)

Ooh your cuts
(ooh) Sweeter than honey
(ooh) And your throws
(ooh) Are right on the money
(ooh) All we're asking (ooh!)
Is to play some ultimate frisbee (just a little bit) Baby
(just a little bit)

You know what it means to throw
You fake, then you go

Huck it to me huck it to me huck it to me .........

To: Yale Ramona @: Regionals 2001
Sung to: The Brady Bunch theme song
Here's the story
Of the team Ramona
Who was playing ultimate with us today
All of them could really huck
Like no other
And they could really lay (out)

It's the story
Of our broken marks
And you put it break side every single time
And then we tried zone
And you shredded it
Your play was so sublime

Ramona Rocks
Ramona Rocks
And when we play you we have lot of fun

To: Middlebury @: Regionals 2001
Sung to: the "Can-Can" song
Middlebury you were really fun to play
And you hucked it so far
And you made us run a lot a lot a lot a lot a

Your knees are so bloody
And our legs are weary
But this kick line's for you
Middlebury Middlebury

Spirit is what you've got and
We think you're really hot
We wanna play you again
Won't you come to MIT

If you're thinking grad school
Please come to MIT cuz
We'd love to have you on our team
Please please please please please please please

To: Harvard Quasars @: Sectionals 2001
Sung to: "Over the River and Through the Woods"
Over the wall and through our cup
Your passes seem to go
Harvard Quasars know the way to break it through our zone
Cutting and running and breaking the mark
Thank God the wind didn't blow
You kept your teeth* and we're real sore as back to Cambridge we go

*refers to one Harvard player getting her tooth knocked out by a falling blade during a Friday afternoon scrimmage

To: BU Ozone Pilots @: Sectionals 2001
Sung to: "I'm a Little Tea Cup," complete with gestures
You're an ozone pilot
Quick and fast
Here is your forehand, here is your cup
Now you've formed a team
And you played great
We'd love to play again
Let's set a date