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    *Updated! – Want to learn the basics of making a video?

    MIT TechTV offered two workshop sessions on creating your own videos for the Web and MIT TechTV. The hands-on sessions, offered by Kris Brewer, were held in the MIT Libraries’ Digital Instruction Resource Center (14N-132) and are open to the MIT Community only please.  We recorded the sessions so if you missed them, please follow the links below to view these sessions and other helpful information.

    Introduction to Video Making for the Web

    Questions: Contact Kris Brewer, MIT TechTV Webmaster & Community Liaison, brew@mit.edu, 617-452-3157

    Video Recordings of the Sessions:


    13 Responses to “*Updated! – Want to learn the basics of making a video?”

    1. Noblerex says:

      Thank very much for the video-making tutorials! I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this. I’ve tried Camtasia and CamStudio to record videos right off of my computer’s desktop but am always looking for new things to learn about.

    2. Vasopro says:

      I’ve also tried camtasia and other software…but camtasia is the best one out there.

    3. seo magic says:

      i also using camstasia. and its really great

    4. 7 Bankruptcy says:

      I’ve never used camstasia, but the company I work at is looking into flow player.

    5. i need this information to make a tutorial video..thanks very much..

    6. Thanks for your post! I always wanted to learn how to create videos. These sessions are very useful.

    7. awesome resource for beginner and even those who are deep in the game, thanks so much for your post!

    8. Thanks for the helpful video production videos.

    9. Sipos Pal says:

      I`m really interested in video making and I have already made many for myself and my friends. It is much better to have a video than a bunch of photos. Thank you very much for great post, you have helped me much. Your sessions are really cool!

    10. Star Signs says:

      Sweet! I’ve been wanting to learn how to edit videos better. I’m really good with audio, but vids not so much. I’ve used something similar to camstasia but it doesn’t have all of the same features. I think I’ll get camstasia and play with it a bit now…

    11. The post is pretty interesting. I really never thought I could have a good read by this time until I found out this site. I am grateful for the information given. Thank you for being so generous enough to have shared your knowledge with us.

    12. With more and more video on the web courses like this are invaluable to anybody interested in using video production for creating new content. How long before most web content is video based?

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