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    Following Copyright Guidelines When Creating A Video

    With all of the lawsuits happening these days over copyright infringement and the such in online videos (such as the pending $1 B Viacom v. Google suit), people are wondering what they can do to help prevent getting in trouble themselves. Recently, the Center for Social Media (part of the School of Communication at American University) has concluded a long, in-depth project to establish a set of “Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video“, and other valuable information to help guide video creators in ways to prevent getting themselves in trouble.

    Fair Use is one of the areas of Copyright Law used in making educational and other material.  Take a look at this video on the subject:

    MIT Tech TV

    5 Responses to “Following Copyright Guidelines When Creating A Video”

    1. GMA says:

      Thanks for the video link. Everybody wants to sue everybody

    2. sean says:

      I would venture to say even slight edits will not alter the original video to supposed non-copyrighted version.

    3. Fris Arvz says:

      It is really important to follows rules always (not only in making videos) so that we wouldn’t be sorry.

    4. Bill Chez says:

      Thanks for the social media link. I think its good to make new guidelines for social media as it has gained popularity over the years.

    5. Thank you for the helpful links, great guidelines when creating videos

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