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Basic coverage

The ME department preparation outlines (7/8/04 version) states that "exams are to cover material at the advanced undergraduate level, typically covering what is in corresponding MIT undergraduate subjects. They should not expect knowledge of material given in advanced graduate subjects, but may touch upon basic material in introductory or core graduate classes."

Exam format

  • 60 minute written exam, open or closed book (source: mkt and ME dept. prep. outline 7/8/04)
  • Oral exam with 20 minutes prep and 20 minute faculty question and answer session (source: mkt and ME dept. prep. outline 7/8/04)

Suggested review courses

  • 2.007 (source: ME dept prep outline)
  • 2.008 (source: mkt)
  • 2.009 (source: ME dept prep outline)
  • 2.672 (source: mkt)
  • 2.739J (source: mkt)
  • 2.744 (source: mkt)
  • 2.75 (source: GAME)

Review reading list (source: mkt)

  • Slocum, A. H., Fundamentals of Design
  • Shigley et al., Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Slocum, A. H., Precision Machine Design
  • Eppinger, Product Design and Development

mkt also suggests considering:

  • Suh, Axiomatic Design
  • Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month

External links

  • 2.007 notes online
  • 2.75 notes online

= Comments from those who have taken it


This Wiki article will only point to or repeat information given elsewhere. It is intended to be like those NAVSEA shipyard manuals (general overhaul and repair specs, for example) that only parrot the requirements or guidance expressed and controlled elsewhere. Please note sources if editing these pages, to avoid any misinformation.

I hope that organizing it in this way will help me organize and focus my review, and potentially help others in the group who are reviewing too. In addition, I'll try to add in links to things relevant to the OE merger and the WHOI/MIT Joint Program, since both potentially affect me.

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