Welcome to the NH4 website!

New House 4 is one of the nine houses located within New House at MIT.
We have a fun, diverse, and close community of freshmen through seniors.

We have roughly 40 house members each year.
Currently, 9 countries, 11 states, 12 majors , and all 4 class years represented.

Our members are active in many organizations on campus, including a variety of varsity sports teams AND intramural teams (flag football, diving, track and field, karate, ultimate frisbee, and basketball to name a few), Dance Troupe, acapella groups, Undergraduate Association and a whole lot of other stuff that we can't remember right now.

House 4 people love spontaneous events, whether it be baking cookies, going on daily MacG runs at 2AM or venturing out to Harvard Sq., Chinatown, or other places to have lunch or dinner.

Every night there's bound to be a group of people psetting on the fifth floor, while others are watching TV or playing video games, or just hanging out. We also support each other by going to each other's events, games, or performances such as MITSO, water polo games, and track meets among others.

It's hard to describe the personality of House 4, although many people see us as a "chill" house. Though exploring this website can help you gain some insight on what kind of house we are.