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Trip: Southern Maine Camping-Beaching-Cycling-Kayaking-Clamming Trip

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Trip NameSouthern Maine Camping-Beaching-Cycling-Kayaking-Clamming Trip
Trip DescWe'll be heading up north and staying on the Southern Maine coast near Kennebunkport. The current plan is to organize some cycling and kayaking trips on Saturday and Sunday, as well as some clamming on Saturday (we'll be arranging for permits and acquiring equipment based on interest). Saturday night dinner will be a seafood feast and is included. Gas/other meals are not included in the trip fee. The trip fee for the weekend is $20 and can be paid here -- see the 'Trips' drop-down for 'Coastal Maine Trip': Tent/sleeping bag/etc. rentals are included in the trip fee, but MITOC membership is required to check out equipment. Since this is a GSC-funded collaboration award trip, MITOC membership is *not* required to attend, but signing the MITOC waiver IS required (here: The campground is Salty Acres Campground Most activities can leave directly from the campground - the Goose Rocks Beach is a short walk away, and nice cycling route can be launched directly from the campground: Some other locations nearby: This event is co-funded by the GSC Funding Board via the GSC Collaboration Award and is co-sponsored by the Outing Club, Cycling Club, and Heritage Foods Society.
Trip DatesFri Jul 12th 2013   to   Sun Jul 14th 2013
Sign-up Dates12:00 AM Mon Jan 1st 1973   to   12:00 PM Thu Jul 11th 2013
Max Participants50
# Signed-Up15

Disclaimer: Most organizers and leaders are not climbing guides, mountain guides, certified first-aid instructors, or medical practitioners. There will be no formal "teaching" or certification. Trips are for practice and review. If you are interested in taking a formal course on self-rescue, general rope techniques, first aid, climbing, or mountaineering from a certified guide, we suggest you take an official course taught by certified professionals. Climbing, mountaineering, and general outdoor activities are inherently dangerous. In the event of a medical emergency, please recognize the limitations of your training and/or certifications, if any, when rendering assistance as a volunteer rescuer or race volunteer.
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1. Car (# passengers?) (# bikes?) 2. Arriving Fri night (before 10pm!!) or Sat AM? 3. Activities of interest? (kayaking, beach, cycling (road/hybrid/mtn?), clam digging) 4. Food restrictions (vegetarian, omnivore, kittenatarian)

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#Signed upnotes
107.07.2013 1:03:10 PM
207.07.2013 2:37:15 PM1. yes, 5 people total. I don't have a bike rack. 2. either one works. 3. kayaking, beach, road cycling unless someone can lend me a mtn bike. 4. omnivore.
307.07.2013 6:22:12 PM(1) no (2) either but prefer Fri (3) Kayaking, beach, clam digging. I don't bike :-P (4) Omnivor
407.07.2013 7:18:21 PM1) no, 2) either, 3) kayaking, 4) none
507.07.2013 9:37:05 PM1-no, 2-either, 3-kayaking, beach, clamm 4-omnivore
607.07.2013 9:38:28 PM1. no, 2. either, 3. all of 'em, 4. omnivore
707.08.2013 9:01:32 AM1.) no, 2) Fri pm, 3) kayaking, beach, road cycling, clam digging, 4) no eating restrictions
807.08.2013 12:03:19 PMmerriment
907.08.2013 12:43:47 PM1) No car, 1 bike, I'll need a ride please. 2) I would like to leave on Friday after work. 3) Kayaking and beach activities sound great. I have a hybrid bike, so I'd prefer biking on paved areas. I don't think it would handle mountain biking very well. Clam digging sounds really fun. 4) No food restrictions. * What exactly should I bring other than the obvious? I don't have a tent, I do have a sleeping bag.
1007.08.2013 5:13:49 PM1. No. Total two ppl. May bring two bikes if possible. 2. Either. 3. Kayaking, road biking, clam digging. 4. Omnivore.
1107.09.2013 5:46:42 PM1. 2 adults+9 year old child 2. Fri night 3. all of the activities 4. all-eaters
1207.09.2013 10:25:19 PM1. No. 2. SAT AM 3. Mountain Biking, Beach, whatever. 4. Kittenarian?
1307.10.2013 2:07:38 PM1. 1 bike 2. sat am 3. kayak, beach, cycling clam digging!!!!!!!! 4. no restrictions!
1407.10.2013 11:27:58 PMyes (3) no bike rack, Sat AM, kayaking, biking, omnifood
1507.11.2013 10:54:56 AM1. No car, but I have a bike I'd like to bring if someone has room. 2. SAT AM. 3. Everything, especially clamming and kayaking and hybrid biking. 4. none, but wth is kittenatarian?

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