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This is a page collecting job listings in arithmetic geometry, especially postings that may not be findable at standard locations like Mathjobs. One of my sources is the Women in Numbers mailing list.

Note: I've switched the ordering to list the newest postings first.

  • From Urs Hartl: several postdoctoral positions in Munster, including the opportunity for two or three postdocs to apply as a "Young Research Group". See here.
  • From Mladen Dimitrov and Denis Benois: two postdocs in Bordeaux and Lille within the ANR project "Galois representations, automorphic forms and L-functions". See here.
  • From Raimar Wulkenhaar (via Jonathan Novak): a three-year postdoc in algebraic geometry. See here.
  • From Sorina Ionica: a two-year postdoc in post-quantum cryptography at Univresity of Picardie Jules Verne.
  • From Michelle Manes: a new postdoc program from NSF (deadline June 15, 2021). "The purpose of the MPS-Ascend program is to support postdoctoral Fellows who will broaden the participation of groups that are underrepresented in MPS fields in the U.S." See here.
  • From Martin Ulirsch: a two-year postdoc in arithmetic/algebraic geometry at Frankfurt.
  • From Urs Hartl: a tenure-track position in theoretical mathematics at Munster. See here.
  • From Adriana Salerno: a one-year visiting position at Bates. See here.
  • From Steffen Muller: a three-year postdoc in arithmetic geometry at Groningen. See here.
  • From Claudia Alfes: an assistant professor position in combinatorial algebra at Bielefeld. See here.
  • From Lilian Matthiesen: two associate professor positions at KTH (Stockholm). See MathJobs.
  • From Lilian Matthiesen: a two-year postdoc in analytic number theory at KTH (Stockholm). See here.
  • From Manami Roy: a tenure-track position in computational number theory/arithmetic geometry at Oklahoma (deadline January 15, 2021). See MathJobs.
  • From Rachel Newton: two three-year postdoctoral positions in number theory at Reading (deadline January 10, 2021). See here.
  • From Pankaj Vishe (via Damaris Schindler): two permanent positions in analytic number theory and/or dynamics. See here.
  • From Jessica Finzten: a postdoc in number theory/representation theory at Cambridge. See here.
  • From Toby Gee: a three-year postdoc in p-adic Hodge theory or p-adic Langlands at Imperial College, London (deadline December 11, 2020). See here.
  • From Drew Sutherland: a research scientist position at MIT, as part of the Simons Collaboration in Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, and Computation. See here.
  • From Rachel Newton: fellowship positions affiliated with the Heilbronn Institute. See here.
  • From Urs Hartl: postdoctoral positions in Munster (deadline November 1, 2020). See here.
  • From Valentijn Karemaker: an associate professor position in Stockholm (deadline February 2, 2020). See here.
  • From Stefano Morra: a permanent (Maître de Conférence) position at Université Paris 8, nominally in "Mathematics for Cryptography" but open to arithmetic geometry. I don't currently have a web link.
  • From Taylor Dupuy (via Renzo Cavalieri): a tenure-track position in arithmetic geometry at Vermont (deadline December 15, 2019). See Mathjobs; apply here.
  • From Valia Gazaki: several postdoctoral positions at Virginia, including one targeted in number theory/arithmetic geometry (deadline November 15, 2019). See here.
  • From Ana Caraiani: several postdoctoral fellowships at Imperial College, London (deadline November 1, 2019). See here.
  • From Gretchen Matthews (via Beth Malmskog): an open rank position in cryptography/coding theory at Virginia Tech (deadline October 30, 2019). Inquiries to
  • From Shuhong Gao (via Michelle Manes): one RTG postdoc in number theory/coding theory/cryptography (deadline November 15, 2019), for which see here; and one tenure track position in cybersecurity (deadline November 1, 2019), for which see here.
  • From Kęstutis Česnavičius: several postdoctoral positions in arithmetic geometry at Orsay (deadline December 15, 2019). Inquiries to
  • From Bianca Viray: multiple tenure-track positions at U. Washington (deadline October 15, 2019). See here.
  • From Urs Hartl: several PhD and postdoc positions at Muenster (deadline November 15, 2019). See here.
  • From Valia Gazaki: an open rank faculty search in arithmetic geometry/number theory at Virginia (review of applications begins October 1, 2019). See here.
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