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== 2023 ==
== 2023 ==
* Algebraic Cycles, L-Values, and Euler Systems, January-May, MSRI, Berkeley
* Diophantine Geometry, January-May, MSRI, Berkeley
* Diophantine Geometry, January-May, MSRI, Berkeley

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This site used to track conferences in arithmetic geometry; it has been mostly replaced by this dynamic list generated using the back end. An archive of the material from the old list can be found here.

Going forward, this site will be maintained solely as a "rumor tracker" for the purposes of advance planning. For the purposes of this site, any conference with a web site is considered a fact rather than a rumor, and should be posted to MathMeetings (and then removed from this list). Note that MathMeetings includes conferences in all areas of mathematics, tagged by arXiv subject codes; use the tags for "algebraic geometry" and/or "number theory" to make the result visible in my dynamic list.

Warning: I consider any information volunteered to me in writing (including conference invitations) to be "public" and therefore suitable for inclusion here, unless otherwise specified. If your plans are not firm enough for me to divulge them here, please make that clear in your communication to me.


  • Journées Arithmétiques, ???, somewhere in France
  • D-Modules: Applications to Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic and Mirror Symmetry, April 12-16, CIRM, Luminy
  • Diophantine Geometry and L-functions, June 7-11, CIRM, Luminy
  • Singularities in Positive Characteristic, July 12-16, CIRM, Luminy
  • Galois Representations and Automorphic Forms, August 15-21, Będlewo


  • Arizona Winter School (topic: Modular Forms Beyond GL_2), March 5-9, Tucson


  • Diophantine Geometry, January-May, MSRI, Berkeley
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