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== 2018 ==
== 2018 ==
To follow.
* Canadian Number Theory Association (CNTA XV), July 9-13, U. Laval

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This is a list of upcoming conferences in arithmetic geometry (broadly construed). Past conferences have been swept to a separate list of past conferences.

News (January 2016): Now that the project, which provides a more structured approach to tabulating conference data, has gone live, I am planning to wind down the maintenance of this wiki in favor of generating a list dynamically from the MathMeetings database; for a preview, see this RSS feed or this pretty-printed version. My timeline for this is as follows.

  • For conferences in 2016, I will continue to update the list as usual. However, instead of directly mailing me conference data, I would prefer that organizers create their own entries on MathMeetings; I will then automatically be notified and can act to update the wiki.
  • For conferences in 2017 or later, I will no longer be posting confirmed conference listings. I do plan to continue tracking responsibly sourced rumors, a rumor being considered confirmed once it is backed up by a conference web site. For example, any conference invitation issued to me, or to anyone else with edit access to this page, will be considered a responsibly sourced rumor.
  • If you create your own entry on MathMeetings, you will receive a link that can be used to edit the posting later. If your conference is posted on MathMeetings but you don't have the link, it is probably because I created the posting myself; in that case, email me for the editing link.

Here are some other conference lists, with overlapping but distinct areas of focus. (I admit to swiping listings from all of these sources; the converse is encouraged!)


As in previous years, I have separated off long programs (two months or longer).

And here is the regular conference list.


As noted above, for 2017 and later, I am now only tracking "rumors" through this wiki, not conferences with confirmed sites. For those, see MathMeetings.

  • Southern California Number Theory Day(s), March 4-5, UC San Diego
  • Elliptic Curves, Torsors, and L-functions, March 24-26, U. Virginia
  • Hot topics: Galois Theory of Periods and Applocations, March 27-31, MSRI Berkeley,
  • Simons Symposium: p-adic Hodge theory, May 7-13, Schloss Elmau
  • Simons Symposium: Nonarchimedean and tropical geometry, May 14-20, Schloss Elmau
  • p-adic Hodge theory, June 5-9, BICMR, Beijing
  • Arithmetic Geometry and Computer Algebra, June 29-July 1, Oldenburg
  • Algebraic K-theory and Arithmetic, August 20-26, Banach Center, Będlewo
  • Motives for periods, August 28-September 1, FU Berlin
  • Geometric representation theory and differential operators on rigid analytic spaces, December 4-8, Oxford


  • Canadian Number Theory Association (CNTA XV), July 9-13, U. Laval
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