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Mutalisk 1.3
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I've been working on a Mutalisk, another Starcraft beast. You can find a model of it here. I've finally got around to folding a rough one. It is supposed to involve 40ths, but I accidently folded 48ths. I just got fed up with the precreasing so I just went with it. The tail is thus too big compared to its wings, but that was just because of the proportions problem. Hopefully I will have time to refold it using the correct proportions. I am surprised at how it came out. The tail was designed a week or two ago, I've just been swamped with work. The head needs to be a bit thicker and the wings need to be folded cleaner, but I think I've found solutions to both of these problems. This model was folded from 10" Japanese foil.

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