The Jasanoff Laboratory
MIT Rm. 16-560
77 Massachusetts Avenue (regular mail)
32 Vassar Street (shipping only)
Cambridge, MA 02139
tel: 617-258-0467
fax: 617-324-1985

Prof. Alan Jasanoff, Rm. 16-561
tel: 617-452-2538

Denise MacPhail, Rm. 56-341A
tel: 617-253-9627

We are located in MIT Building 16, near the corner of Main St. and Vassar St. in Cambridge. You may reach the laboratory via the main MIT entrance to Lobby 7 on Massachusetts Avenue: Follow the long hallway (Infinite Corridor) straight across from the Lobby 7 entrance until it ends at a staircase in MIT Building 8. Turn left and then right, following the main hallway into Building 16. Take the first set of elevators up to the fifth floor, where we are located. You can also reach us from the Kendall Square subway stop: Walk away from the Charles River on Main St. and turn left onto Ames St. Enter the second building on your right (MIT Building 66, gray concrete and glass), walk through it into Building 56, and continue walking down the hallway until you reach the Building 16/56 elevators. Take the elevators up to the fifth floor and turn right out of the elevator to reach us. Metered parking is available on Main St. and Ames St.

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