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Joshua Schuler, Executive Director of the Lemelson-MIT Program

In high school I played several sports including, soccer, volleyball and crew. Viagra online: i spent my entire soccer career on the bench and was an average rower.Thankfully, I excelled in volleyball; viagra online.Mr.Habecker viagra online, an accomplished triathlete throughout his career, coached both soccer and volleyball.He was not content to tell us to run — he would join us.He was someone to listen to and respect, and he was the type of coach you did not want to disappoint.

I didn’t fully understand the meaning of teamwork until Coach took me out of a championship game — my last game! I was replaced by a substitute, who had spent most of the season on the bench.

I remember this event, because I learned about responsibility and humility — granted, it was through Coach’s actions; viagra online.At the time I was not in the most receptive of moods to absorb his lessons, but they have had plenty of time to sink in.

A number of people have been mentors to me, including my parents, sister, friends, and college advisors.My experience has taught me that you can find a mentor in almost any person you know.Everyone has something to teach — provided you’re willing to learn.

Fostering mentorship to enable and inspire young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention is at the forefront of the Lemelson-MIT Program’s objectives – viagra online.This focus inspired the program’s two annual events to combine this year under one main event, EurekaFest. Viagra online: the InvenTeams Odyssey, which gathers teams of national high-school students to display and discuss their invention prototypes, will join the ceremony to recognize the 2008 winners of the Lemelson-MIT Awards and celebrate the inventive spirit in a new way.We hope this union will establish a community of inventors and mentors in all stages of their careers.

We would like you to share your experiences with mentorship – viagra online.Who was your greatest mentor? What was one of your significant mentor roles? Tell us about the impact a mentor experience had on you.

In addition, please share your thoughts on how one creates a successful mentor relationship; viagra online.What important roles should mentors take on today?

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  1. Dana P. Henry says:

    Mentorship comes in many shapes and forms. Some we recognize, some we do not. I have had the opportunity to be mentored and be a mentor. I did not realize it at the time as my ideas for a successful FIRST team were very different than John Burns’ idea.

    You have to know a little about John. If you looked in the dictionary for the meaning of “dedicated teacher” you would see a picture of John Burns. His actions and deeds always had a lesson in them.

    John and I started the team with different goals. My slant was more towards “on the field” success. Being a competitor my whole life, playing hockey right through college, baseball and softball (still at the age of 50, my wife says I’m nuts trying to keep up with the 20 somethings!) my idea was to excel at the game and come home with the trophies. Thereby attracting corporate sponsors for our program. The learning and teaching the students STEM education was secondary.

    John, slowly, through his actions and deeds, never asking the score of a match, always asking what the students wanted to design and build for an arm or drive train (however outlandish the idea was), never coaching any of the matches on the field (leaving that up to me), always focusing on the student and how to make that student perform better. Those are the traits that made me a better mentor, with a vision of where I wanted go with this organization called FIRST.

    This does all tie in with the Lemelson/ MIT InvenTeams project. In 2003/2004 Agawam HS presented its Road Iron project. We learned more as individuals and as a team in that year than the 5 years since. Or the 2 years previous. The time management aspect of that year was incredible. We planned and researched the Road Iron in the fall, built a competition robot in 6 weeks and competed in two Regionals, then dove right back in the shop and built our pothole drilling and filling machine in the next 6 weeks and presented at MIT in June. Without the strong mentoring skills of a lot of people, including Josh Schuler, we probably would have floundered, instead of raising the bar for the teams that followed.

    This blog may have sounded like an ad for FIRST or a brag about all the great things we did. But my point is this- mentors show up everywhere. They can be right in front of you or right beside you. Good mentors are needed more now than probably (and arguably) at any other time. This country is in need of better STEM education programs that engage students in hands on activities that provide a creative and productive outlet. Engineering is tantamount to the advancement of society. So, go out and mentor!! Teach a kid to mentor!!

    JTB 1944-2008
    “What did you do with your dash?”

  2. Josh says:

    Dana –

    Thanks much for sharing your experiences as a mentor and mentee…and for your important call-to-action.

    I couldn’t agree with you more — mentors are much-needed right now. Thankfully, there are many opportunities through Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams, FIRST, and other programs. One dedicated adult can make a tremendous positive difference.

    Thanks also for talking about John Burns…he was a mentor to me as well!

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