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May 22nd, 2008
Joshua Schuler, Executive Director of the Lemelson-MIT Program

In high school I played several sports including, soccer, volleyball and crew. Viagra online: i spent my entire soccer career on the bench and was an average rower.Thankfully, I excelled in volleyball; viagra online.Mr.Habecker viagra online, an accomplished triathlete throughout his career, coached both soccer and volleyball.He was not content to tell us to run — he would join us.He was someone to listen to and respect, and he was the type of coach you did not want to disappoint.

I didn’t fully understand the meaning of teamwork until Coach took me out of a championship game — my last game! I was replaced by a substitute, who had spent most of the season on the bench.

I remember this event, because I learned about responsibility and humility — granted, it was through Coach’s actions; viagra online.At the time I was not in the most receptive of moods to absorb his lessons, but they have had plenty of time to sink in.

A number of people have been mentors to me, including my parents, sister, friends, and college advisors.My experience has taught me that you can find a mentor in almost any person you know.Everyone has something to teach — provided you’re willing to learn.

Fostering mentorship to enable and inspire young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention is at the forefront of the Lemelson-MIT Program’s objectives – viagra online.This focus inspired the program’s two annual events to combine this year under one main event, EurekaFest. Viagra online: the InvenTeams Odyssey, which gathers teams of national high-school students to display and discuss their invention prototypes, will join the ceremony to recognize the 2008 winners of the Lemelson-MIT Awards and celebrate the inventive spirit in a new way.We hope this union will establish a community of inventors and mentors in all stages of their careers.

We would like you to share your experiences with mentorship – viagra online.Who was your greatest mentor? What was one of your significant mentor roles? Tell us about the impact a mentor experience had on you.

In addition, please share your thoughts on how one creates a successful mentor relationship; viagra online.What important roles should mentors take on today?