MIT is pleased and honored to host the New England Division III Men's Indoor Track and Field Championships on February 17-18, 2017


Time Schedule

Information: This information as well as all directions, maps, lodging, restaurants, entries, and past championship results and award winners, will be on the web at: http://scripts.mit.edu/~hwtaylor/itf/16-17/ned3/meetinfo.php.

Meet Director: Please direct all championship meet questions to: Halston Taylor - MIT DAPER, 120 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 Phone: (617) 253-4918 Cell: (617) 921-4253 Fax: (617) 258-7343 Email: hwtaylor@mit.edu.

Games Committee:

Final Declarations: Final declarations , including heptathlon, are due by 12:00 Midnight, Tuesday, February 14.  All final declarations will be made on Direct Athletics at http://www.directathletics.com.

Performance lists per event will be posted by Wednesday evening at http://scripts.mit.edu/~hwtaylor/itf/16-17/ned3/entries.php. The Honest Effort Rule will be in effect, thus any athlete scratching from an event after the final declaration, will be scratched from the remainder of the meet.

Standards: Standards can be found at http://scripts.mit.edu/~hwtaylor/itf/itfqualifying.php

Check-In: Check-in will be no later than 20 minutes prior to all events up through the 1000 Meter Run. In order to have complete sections, there will be a 30 minute check-in for all events after the 1000, which includes the 200, 3K, 4x400 Relay and 4x800 Relay. Check-in can occur anytime up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the event.

Coaches Packets: Team packets are to be picked up upon arrival at the facility on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Packets will not be issued if team is not in good standing financially and approved by Matt Hird.

Competitors Numbers: Each competing athlete will receive one bib number to be worn on the chest (front or back for vaulters and high jumpers) and two hip numbers for the runners, three for the milers and distance runners (one for chest).

Scoring: Scoring will be 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 for all events.

Facilities: A 6 lane Mondo Super X Directional track with 8 sprint and hurdle lanes. A maximum length of 1/4" pyramid spikes are permitted on all Mondo areas--no pins allowed. We will be using FinishLynx as well as FieldLynx to expidite the results, which will be shown on the scoreboard and be posted on a board on the north side of our stands.

Jumping Boards: The long jump board is 9' 0" from the pit and the triple jump board is 36' 0" from the pit.

Throwing Circle: The throwing circle is concrete and is not elevated.

Warmups: Warmups will not be permitted on the track once the meet has begun. Warmups will have to be conducted outside until the event preceding the athlete's event is completed. The infield will be off limits to anyone who is not warming up for a field event during that event's scheduled warmup period, which is as soon as the previous event using that venue is over.

Weigh-In: Implements will be weighed-in and measured from 9:00 - 10:30 AM on Saturday and right before the shot put portion of the Heptathlon on Friday.

Parking: Please follow directions at the MIT DAPER visitor's page. http://static.psbin.com/4/m/ptom7gc1z8vp4r/13-14_Parking_Update.pdf

Showers: You will need to let us know in advance if you wish to use our locker rooms or shower facilities.  If you will be using MIT's shower facilities please bring your own towel and soap as well as a lock if you wish to secure your valuables.

Restaurants and Lodging: For dining, please go to http://web.mit.edu/visit/eat.html.   Please go to http://web.mit.edu/visit/hotels.html for information on lodging.  During the meet, food can be purchased at the student center, which is adjacent to the athletic complex. Campus map.

Athletic Trainers: Athletic Trainers will be at the site from 8:30-4:30 on Saturday and 12:00 until completion of the pentathlon on Friday. Please notify Tom Cronan by phone: 617-253-4908, or email: cronan@mit.edu in advance if you have questions or special treatment needs. Please bring your own tape and other supplies as needed. Water and ice will be available.

Timing/Results: During the meet, results will be posted on the north wall. Results will also appear on the scoreboard immediately after each event. We will be providing a full set of results as soon as possible after the meet with Finish Lynx and HyTek or Meet Pro. Official results will be posted on the web at: http://scripts.mit.edu/~hwtaylor/itf/15-16/ned3.res.php.

Awards Ceremony: The awards ceremony will be held at 4:20 or as soon after the meet as possible. The top 3 teams will receive championship trophies.