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Materials for Micro and Nano Systems

The Materials for Micro and Nano Systems Group conducts research on thin films and nanostructures for use in micro- and nano-systems, especially for electronic, electromechanical, energy, and water treatment systems. One area of special interest is structure evolution during film formation and during post-patterning processing. Evolution of nanoscale structure affects electronic and mechanical properties and consequently their performance and reliability in electronic and electromechanical devices and systems. Another area of interest is formation and assembly of systems of nanomaterials.  This includes research on templated formation of ordered nanoparticles that can then be used to grow ordered arrays of nanowires and nanotubes. Such arrays have a range of potential applications.  Those under investigation in the group include field emission arrays, sensor arrays, electrochemical energy storage devices and water desalination systems.  Templating of the formation of materials with ordered pore structures is also under investigation for use as scaffolds for nanowire growth and for water treatment.