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Daniel Sauza



  • Room - 224B
  • Height - 5'8"
  • Weight - Middleweight
  • Purity Score - xx%
  • Graduation Year - 2011
  • Major - 3
  • Floor Positions - (that's what she said) Floor Minister
  • Strengths - Art, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Taekwondo, Silly Hats
  • Weaknesses - Math, Grapes, syringes
  • Nicknames - Dan, Sauza,

Conner 2 Trivia


not yet assigned

Video Game Persona 

not yet assigned

Secret Santa Poem 

He roamed at will across the land,
and pilfered what he could.
A curly mane, a compact frame,
and peg leg made of wood.
No sword to swing nor gun to shoot,
he chose a different route.
When faced with some unruly brute
he'd simply knock them out.
A roundhouse kick, or flying side,
a fearsome foe was he.
Despite all this he's fair and kind,
and makes great guacamole.

To the resident scientist
On this not-quite-Christmas-Day
A gift that is cute
One with which you should play

There were so many choices
When shopping for you
You have so many interests
I didn't know what to do

Should I buy you a hat,
that looks like Cartman's head?
Or purchase a poster
to hang over your bed?

should I buy you tequila,
the stuff with your name?
Should I get you dead trees?
some stuff you can maim?

Perhaps, a taco
Perhaps a burrito
Maybe a hippo
A small one, hippito?

It sure wasn't easy
And it couldn't be crappy
So I hope what I got you
Ends up making you happy.


Daniel Javier Sauza was born on January 28, 1989 in San Diego California, so he says he roots for the Padres, but really he couldn't care less about baseball. At the age of 5 he moved to Atlanta, where he attended an awesome kindergarten/elementary/middle school by the name of High Meadows (there were chickens and goats. It was pretty awesome).
The hit musical sensation: Atomic zoo
Anyway, in the 9th grade he started attending North Springs High Math/Science/Visual/Performing arts Magnet School, which was awesome in the fact that most of the sports teams were absolutely horrendous to the point where students took it in stride. It was in high school that Daniel officially became awesome and non-shy/asocial, although he still tends to be on the quiet side in large gatherings. The crowning achievements of his high school career were performing the Pokemon theme-song as the keyboardist for the hit musical sensation "The Atomic Zoo", being on the third-in-state science bowl team, and standing awkwardly onstage as the sole recipient of the "Hispanic Scholastic Achievement Award" (or something like that) for five minutes while the presenter droned on about the award's importance. Daniel enjoys awful sci-fi and horror films (especially if said films are foreign and dubbed),
Daniel is also Harry Potter...bitch
costuming for movie premieres, painting, sarcasm, and awesomeness. Also, he is a second degree blackbelt in taekwondo so don't piss him off (don't worry, it's really hard to piss him off). He also is a master of the excessive utilization of the adjective "awesome", but he is trying to say "sick" more often to fit in with the locals.


"so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain


beside the white

chickens." -William Carlos Williams
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