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Rick Eyers flying over the 23 suite counter

Rick Eyers



  • Room - 223F
  • Height - 6'2"
  • Weight - 185#
  • Purity Score - 70
  • Graduation Year - 2009
  • Major - Course 8
  • Floor Positions - Floor Chair
  • Strengths - Is equivalent to somewhere between 10 and 1000 ninjas.
  • Weaknesses - Gets bored easily.
  • Nicknames - Richard

Conner 2 Trivia

Rick as Red XIII, sans cheesehead
Video Game Persona 
Rick's video game persona is Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII.
Secret Santa Poem 
Good day to all, fair friends from 'cross our floor!
A welcome to our friends from elsewhere, too.
To GRTs, the old ones, well adored,
Though new to us, their words and deeds ring true.
To seniors, known and loved, their futures shown
Our friends of years, we bid a greeting fine.
To juniors, cheer to thee as best we've known
For years they'll praise the class that is '09.
Good day to Sophomores, those who grow so fast,
Though FGS's title will not fade
And Freshmen, though I come to greet you last,
Please rest assured that you have made the grade.
On this December, 14th day we come
To laugh and eat our Thai and Indian food
And now we start to show where all were mum
The gifts and poems made so sweet or rude.
I beg your pardon just a minute more,
whilst I go on explaining what we'll do.
I'll pick a random package from the floor
And read the poem- don't shout it if you knew.
We always know, through methods fair or foul,
Your deepest secrets you can never hide
And when we've guessed, the subject will be known
And who knows what will be contained inside?
Each subject will in turn recieve the role
Of picking gifts, embarassing anew
In such a way we'll speed from pole to pole
Until we've run the gamut through and through.
So please forgive my babbled speech
Lets start it off; good luck to each!


Rick is.


"It's funny because exploding camel."

"OK, now that I know what your logical fallacy is, I can ignore you."

"A ninja polar bear would kill you in the face! One moment you'd be walkin' through the arctic and then all of a sudden there'd be a ninja polar bear and you'd be like 'Oh My God, I Have No Face!'"

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