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A portrait of Mason Tang

Mason Tang



  • Room - 224B
  • Height - 5' 6", 5' 7" on a good day
  • Weight - 142 lbs
  • Purity Score - 45%
  • Graduation Year - 2010
  • Major - 6
  • Floor Position - Minister of the Tubes
  • Strengths - Guitar solos, rocking out to Queen, being ridiculous, looking like baby Simba
  • Weaknesses - Bad Chinese food, punches to the face
  • Nicknames - Tang, Tangy, Tango, Tangalicious, Tangalangadingdong, Mevan, Mevdor
  • Associations - Tangularity

Conner 2 Trivia

Mason Tang in the virtual world
The tang is a measure of a given statement's orthogonality to the direction of the conversation it is used in. In practice, a statement with one tang's worth of randomness is capable of completely silencing a single person, or equivalently making one already silent person leave the room.
"Mason, that there was about 25 tang's worth of WTF; I can't believe you just said that."
Beware the Tangularity.
Video Game Persona 
Mason's video game person is Diddy Kong.
Secret Santa Poem 
Orange beverage
Drunk by thirsty astronauts
Laying bricks in space
The wind whispers through the trees of Mass.
It creaks through a house, happens to pass
A radiant baby, bubbling with life
Replete with potential, to live up to the hype.
Deftly and surely the child did grow
Though maybe he could have lengthened some mo'
He hated public school, had a bowl cut
But peel back the layers for a confident strut.
In the college years I know him now
Of many talents, ever ready to wow.
He sings, he dances, and performs for the masses,
Handy with a laptop, better with the lasses.
I know well this son of the two-four,
Likes hot showers, but his own body more.
Too much detail? I think not!
But I hope he likes the gift I got!


I was an ugly baby, although my mother would probably disagree. For some reason that I have yet to discover, my hair has always been of the "steel wire" variety, leading to a baby with a head of hair that would stand straight up until it grew to at least several inches long. It was a most curious sight, this little round-faced Chinese baby with a veritable eruption of black hair sprouting out of his head. It didn't much matter, of course. What would a wee baby know of such things? Of course, I would go on to discover hair gel (and subsequently develop a strong dislike for the stuff) at a much later time.

I digress.

I grew up in Worcester, living with my parents and later, at the age of three, with my little brother, Alex. Those were carefree times, and I distinctly remember many happy moments: my first NES (Super Mario 3), ice cream at the Newport Creamery (a double scoop of chocolate with chocolate sprinkles), playing in the backyard with a toy lawnmower that blew bubbles instead of cutting grass (why not?), and countless others.

When I started school, we had already moved to the quiet suburb of Shrewsbury. I attended Beal School for the early years of my education, and later moved on to Spring St. School for elementary school, Venerini Academy for middle school, St. John's High for two years of high school, two years at the venerable Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, and now MIT.


"That's what she said."

To Laura: "I mean, you've got boobs and all, I guess you're a girl."

"No! Not the blink tag!" *twitching*

"Should I buy a bike?"

Mason: It's non bijective....there's a non-mathy word for that...

Laura: non reciprocating?

Mason: mutual!

Laura: That's the one!

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