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A taxonomy of collective intelligence

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One effort to create a taxonomy of collective intelligence is underway in the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence as part of the Handbook for Collective Intelligence project. So far, this project has included three “generations” of taxonomies. The first generation of this taxonomy was simply the list of examples in the previous sections of this handbook. The second generation was represented in a separate wiki called the Handbook of Organizational Design. The current version of the third generation is summarized in a set of slides presented at the Highlands Collective Intelligence Forum, Carmel Valley, CA, July 23, 2008.

We expect to incorporate the third generation (and any subsequent generations) in this Handbook.

Comments and suggestions (especially suggestions of new examples to include) are welcome and can be added to this page or to the discussion page associated with the "discussion" tab above.

From Wikipedia

Curiously enough, Wikipedia (as a great example of collective intelligence and open-source text/images) has a great graphic associated with its entry on collective intelligence:

CI types1s.jpg

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