Icelandic National Anthem: The Student Version

adambockelie.jpgAdam Bockelie
Thursday night with a group of Reykjavik University students. Since the radio show we’re producing in Terrascope Radio is probably going to have content on Icelandic culture, we figured that we would interview some students. We also wanted a clip of the Icelandic National Anthem. The two ideas combined tonight, and we convinced a group of Reykjavik University students to sing us their national anthem.

A group of us cornered one student while a second was rounding up a larger group to sing for us. In those crucial moments, he forced us to strike a deal: we sing before they do. Not wanting to jeopardize our tape, we were forced to serenade our Icelandic friend with the “Star Spangled Banner.” Unfortunately for him, none of us can sing. Though we did remember the words, we were off-beat and out of tune for the whole song. I don’t think he will ever ask to hear it sung again.

With our end of the deal fulfilled, we waited for the other students. When they arrived, they arranged themselves into choir formation. They began to sing, and I began to record…


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