emilymoberg.jpgEmily Moberg
Yesterday we had the incredible opportunity to meet with and interview the Icelandic Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture. A group of us donned our best travel clothes (so…clean shirts) and trekked over to the ministry.

We were greeted by several secretaries and taken to an imposing office. Consequently, by the time we met the minister, I was incredibly nervous, especially when it came time to hold a microphone in front of him and ask questions of such an important person. However, I soon forgot about my nervousness as I listened to this incredibly intelligent man discuss the details of his ministry. He deftly and thoroughly answered all our questions about various aspects of the Icelandic fisheries; it was evident that he was aware of everything going on in his ministry.

The interview lasted an hour, despite our being allotted only half an hour, and we learned an enormous amount—ranging from the workings of the ministry to the minister’s personal history with fishing. It was an incredible experience for all of us, and a great opportunity to gather sound for our radio program (although I almost lost feeling in my arm from holding a mic so long).


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