Almost Famous

tracey.jpg Tracey Hayse
“MIT scientists learn about Iceland’s fisheries,” read the title of an article in an Icelandic newspaper this morning. We’re almost done with our freshman year of college, so I wouldn’t call us quite scientists, but we have been learning about fisheries. The article talked about our visit here and said something about energy (at least that’s what I gathered from an Icelandic college student’s attempt to translate). It was accompanied by a group photo. Yesterday, while at HB Grandi, Rodrigo and I were interviewed on speaker phone by a journalist whose questions were more leading than Mary to her little lamb.

Aside from getting in the Icelandic media, we had another unique experience today. After talking with the CFO of Hvalur, the only whaling company here, we got the chance to tour a whaling boat (unused for a decade or so because of the moratorium on whaling) and taste a bit of whale blubber. It had an interesting consistency, kind of like jello at four times the normal concentration of powder, and tasted a bit like cheese, because it is preserved in buttermilk. All in all it was very bizarre, especially considering the whale-hunting boats are kept on the opposite side of the same pier as the whale-watching boats.


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