emilymoberg.jpgEmily Moberg
Hometown: Media, Penn.
So my personal mission for the Iceland trip has been to learn about the folk tales and mythology of Iceland; the Terrascope radio group is planning to include a section on the culture of Iceland and my personal fixation is on folk tales. As such, I’ve been asking around…and found something very interesting.

Iceland, in short, has elves. Apparently, they live all around and can be kind (if you appease them) or very wicked (if you mow their hills, for example). According to our tour guide, most Icelanders believe in the elves, and if they don’t, they’re at least respectful of them.

Seeing what Iceland looks like, you can understand why. We passed fields of rocky outcrops and mist-covered mountains—all full of wonderful hidey holes. At the divide between the continental plates (which we got to walk around in) there were crannies everywhere. While singing Lord of the Rings theme songs at the top of our lungs, several of us picked out our own elven caves, replete with icicle chandeliers. Hopefully, sometime later in the trip we’ll actually get to see a real elf. I’ll be looking!

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