Whale’s Milk Ice Cream

adambockelie.jpgAdam Bockelie
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
It’s Sunday night, our first dinner in Iceland. The ice cream dessert tastes a bit different from normal ice cream, and nobody but our fearless leader can come up with an interesting explanation. “Whale’s milk,” he says. He reasons that since Iceland has a whaling industry that’s severely restricted by international law, they’ve started to gather whale’s milk instead of whale meat. I don’t believe him at first, but he just keeps going, and I begin to think it might be possible…

Of course he was just making it up. But since I fell for it, I decided to help other Terrascopers fall for it as well. Emily and I roamed our hotel, searching for victims. We found a room full of them. Essentially, the conversation went like this:

Us: “How was dessert?”

Them: “Good.”

Us: “Did you know that the ice cream was made from whale milk?”

Them: Awkward silence and expletives.

After a few moments, we had to reveal the truth; we had duped them. Their collective sigh of relief meant only one thing: we had actually convinced them.

What did they learn? Don’t trust Adam and Emily when they talk about whale milk.

What did we learn? A well-crafted story will catch even the smartest students.


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