The Hillary New Hampshire speech—Now, with more grit!

To follow up my earlier posting of an Obama speech, here, in the interest of equal time, is the Clinton speech given after her New Hampshire win. Warning: the following speech may contain the phrase “We’re going to tap into all of the spirit, the talent and just the plain grit of this great nation again.” If you’re suffering from acute allergies to meandering, incoherent, vacuous bullshit, you may want to skip this. What’s amazing is that Hillary accuses Obama of being all talk and no substance. This is a person who has barely any more time in the senate than Obama, and her only other true political experience is a failed healthcare proposal as first lady. Like it our not, she’s no Bill Clinton. Not even close. And the following speech makes that obvious. Bill talked a chick into letting him diddle her with a cigar as reciprocation for oral. A goddam cigar. If that’s not a metaphor for being an effective statesman, I don’t know what is. At any rate, I’ve taken the liberty to add a few editorial comments. I’d warn you that not all are safe for work, but I think it’s a bit too late for that.

“I felt like we all spoke from our hearts, and I am so gratified that you responded. Wait, did you FEEL like you spoke from your heart, or did you actually speak from the heart? Honesty is not a feeling, it’s a factual matter. I think this sentence is pretty revealing of her character, like how you know when somebody starts a sentence with ‘Honestly…’ they are probably about to lie. Now, together, let’s give America the kind of comeback that New Hampshire has just given me. For all the ups and downs of this campaign, you helped remind everyone that politics isn’t a game. This campaign is about people. What the hell? Were her writers on strike, too? It’s about making a difference in your lives. According to the Constitution, it’s not supposed to be… It’s about making sure that everyone in this country has the opportunity to live up to his or her God-given potential. The opportunity, or the Federally mandated entitlement to appear to live up to their potential at the expense of those who actually did? There’s a difference, Hillary. That has been the work of my life. Wait, did I copy the wrong speech, or did a corporate lawyer with 7 years in the Senate really say that?

We are facing a moment of so many big challenges. We know we face challenges here at home, around the world, so many challenges for the people whose lives I’ve been privileged to be part of. I’ve met families in this state and all over our country who have lost their homes to foreclosures. A ludicrous bit of pandering to the “greedy lower middle class” who decided a $300k home was everyone’s birthright. Why do some politicians want to help “the people” so much when they don’t even respect them enough to think they can take responsibility for their own decisions? Men and women who work day and night but can’t pay the bills and hope they don’t get sick because they can’t afford health insurance. One of the quickest ways to lower health care costs is to quit taking soft money from the trial lawyers lobby and fix our tort system, Hillary. Young people who can’t afford to go to college to pursue their dreams. Now she’s pandering to Obama’s young vote on a complete non-starter of an issue. I’ve never met a person for whom money was the reason they didn’t go to college. The state and community college system, and availability of financial aid, is quite good in this country, rhetoric aside. Too many have been invisible for too long. Well, you are not invisible to me. At least not until she gets elected, at which point you’ll be as visible as your bank account will let you be, just like every other president, liberal or conservative.

The oil companies, the drug companies, the health insurance companies, the predatory student loan companies have had seven years of a president who stands up for them. Because they bought him the same way they bought her. It’s time we had a president who stands up for all of you. Like she stood up for the victims Norman Hsu scammed?

I intend to be that president, to be a president who puts you first – your lives, your families, your children, your future. OMG, that is SO what I want in my BFF president. She understands and cares for MEEEEEEE! I believe deeply in America, in our can-do spirit, in our ability to meet any challenge and solve any problem. By “our ability,” I take it she means “our government’s ability.” I believe in what we can do together. In the future, we will build together. And by “we” she means the top 20% of income earners, who are the only ones she thinks should pay any significant taxes. There will be no more invisible Americans. What? There are invisible Americans? Run away!!! So we’re going to take what we’ve learned here in New Hampshire, and we’re going to rally on and make our case. We are in it for the long run. Because she’ll have to wait to the convention to be able to politically broker a win through the superdelegates.

And that is because we are in it for the American people. Bold stand, Hil. Bold stand. This victory will serve notice that people across our country know what’s really at stake, that we will all be called upon to deliver on the promise of America. I don’t remember seeing anything about a welfare state in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. If the founding fathers knew the experiment wouldn’t even last 250 years before we turned back into a facsimile of the English, I think they would’ve just enjoyed their beers and not bothered.

We’ll be called upon to deliver on the promise that the middle class will grow and prosper again, to deliver on the promise the government will be of the people, by the people and for the people, not just the privileged few, But, of course, the privileged few are the majority of her campaign support, and the one’s she’ll call upon to hand her a brokered election. to deliver on the promise that every generation will have their shot at the American dream, I think she’s confusing the French dream of guaranteed employment and healthcare with the American dream she’s trying to destroy. to deliver on the promise that we’ll have the will and the wisdom to end the war in Iraq the right way, to deliver on the promise to take care of our brave veterans and restore America’s standing, respect, and credibility around the world. We know that for the promise of America to be real, we are called upon to deliver on that promise. Reread that a few times and then try to stand up without falling. Hard, isn’t it? And if you join in this call to greatness, we will, together, answer. I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit. So tomorrow, we’re going to get up, roll up our sleeves and keep going.

I invite you to come join us at We’re going to tap into all of the spirit, the talent and just the plain grit of this great nation again. I did warn you; I’ll wait while you clean that up. People with either talent or grit don’t actually need to be forced to buy healthcare, or be protected by unions, and they don’t vote for Hillary. Maybe by “tap into” she means literally, in the form of confiscatory taxes to benefit those without grit and spirit.

We are determined to tackle our toughest problems and stand up to those who most need a champion because we are determined to make America work again for all of our people. And I believe we have a “Cliche Bingo” winner in in the second row! We came back tonight because you spoke loudly and clearly. You want this campaign to be about you Is this a tampon commercial or a campaign speech? because there is so much at stake for our country.

I have so many people to thank. I want to thank the two most important people in my life, Bill and Chelsea. I want to thank them for their incredible commitment, their passion and their heart. I want to thank my entire family, particularly my mother, who is watching tonight. Holy shit, she just thanked Bill Clinton for his incredible commitment!!!

6 thoughts on “The Hillary New Hampshire speech—Now, with more grit!

  1. Alain DeWitt


    Fantastic dissection (or was it an evisceration?) of Hillary’s pablum!! And I love that bit about Bill diddling Monica with a cigar in exchange for oral. I had never quite thought about it that way.

    Have you ever read Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ novels? In the first, or perhaps the second novel, when the Foundation is facing it’s first Seldon Crisis (I haven’t read ‘Foundation’ since college so I may be a bit off). But at one point the Foundation (and thinking about this some more I think it’s the first novel) receives an emissary from their hostile neighbor Anacreon. Later on, they analyze his speech using some futuristic technique and are startled to find that the emissary had said precisely nothing! That all his statements were vacuous platitudes that negates one another.

    Kind of reminds me of Obama’s rhetoric.

  2. Jonathan Post author


    Thanks! I love Asimov, but haven’t read the Foundation series, though I’ve always meant to. My father is a huge fan of them.

    I don’t think Obama is nearly as bad as Hillary, not because he doesn’t throw out the same inane type of platitudes, but because he also occasionally throws in a few things that are actual substance.

    But I mostly agree with you; it’s all bread and circus with Democrats anyway. I’ll probably vote for McCain, even though I didn’t want him to win the primary, but until Hillary! is buried, I consider myself an Obama supporter. And I must admit, I’m enjoying the breezy self-satisfaction of being a Democrat for a while. It’s really even more fun than it looks. You get to enjoy being enlightened and Correct, without having to actually worry about the country or its long term problems. Pure fun.

  3. Alain DeWitt


    You’re welcome. Like I said, it was a dynamite post.

    You love Asimov but haven’t read ‘Foundation’? Hmmm. Something’s fishy there. What about the Robot novels? Surely you’ve read those.They are great fun. Most surprisingly is how much they are pure detective stories. I hear your father is a brilliant man. You should listen to him and get cracking on Foundation.

    I think the most fun about being a Democrat would be that you can blandly assert stuff and have all the other right-thinking people nod along sagely without ever having had a single neuron fire. I don’t think I could even fake that.

    I am sure I will end up voting for McCain, too. Obviously, Hillary is right out. But Obama is too much of an enigma as far as his record goes. And what is known about his record is troubling.

    This idea that just sitting down and talking to our enemies will somehow lead to the resolution of crises is detente-redux. What the Left has never seemed to understand – going back as least as far as Neville Chamberlain – is that sometimes our enemies LIE TO US. They just don’t get that a treaty with the Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union or North Korea or Iran or China isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Worse, we use such treaties and agreements to hobble ourselves – even when we KNOW the other side is cheating. Orwell-ian.


  4. Jonathan Post author

    I did read the robot books, but I never read anything from Foundation, for some reason. I’d be lying if I said it was the worst literary omission caused by a misspent youth sitting in front of computers. I’m trying to catch up, though.

    I agree with everything you said about Democratic appeasement. I have to admit, I’m a bit wary of Obama, despite my support of him. The little bit of idealistic liberal left in me holds out a modicum of hope that Obama may actually be a rare honest politician. I don’t agree with a lot of his policy, but it would be interesting to have an honest politician in the White House, since I think so much of what’s going wrong is just low-hanging fruit for anybody, Right or Left, who hasn’t been completely compromised by the system. (I.e. tort reform, ethics, etc.) I’m not sure McCain is really the bastion of integrity he holds himself out to be, even though I tend to like his policy better (the godawful McCain-Feingold notwithstanding). McCain plays the guy who got caught and amended his ways, but adults don’t change their moral stripes that quickly, in my opinion.

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  6. Enrigque

    How can we trust Hillary to manage our country when she hasn’t been able to control her husband’s serial adultery? How can we trust Hillary to protect our top secrets, when she’s admitted to being “careless” and “making mistakes” when she was just a Secretary of State. How can we trust her stamina when we’ve all seen the video evidence of her having uncontrollable coughing fits, episodic fainting spells, suffered a head injury, has what appears to be mini seizures and spacing out while talking? She also disappears from public and media eye for weeks and months at a time when she’s ill. And let’s not forget she called black males “super predators” . And let’s not forget that she called half of Trumps’ supporters a “basket of deplorables.” Clinton also told Hispanic voters she was just like their “abuela.” Even though Hillary has never had to cross a border. Work as a maid, had to learn English or lived in an apartment with 12 other people. Clinton will have you believe she’s just like you as she’s wearing a 12,000 dollar pants suit and dawning a 200 dollar hair cut. Trump doesn’t pretend to be just like us. He’s proud of who he is, but still has an awareness of what others go through. This is the type of man we want as president. Vote Trump. Hillary has been in politics for over 30 years, and she’s still talking about the same things she’s been talking about for 30 years. All talk. No action. Vote Trump. He’s a real man in so many ways. Thta’s what we all love about Trump. He’s genuine. So was Bernie Sanders, but sadly, Sanders isn’t an option after Clinton’s DNC criminal cohorts made sure Sanders was knocked off the race. The best revenge Sander supporters can take is to vote for Trump.
    Psycholigists show Clinton is PHONY: Sanders is GENUINE. BUt CLinton’s people destroyed Sander’s chances via the corrupt DNC. Best revenge: NEVER HILLARY. VOTE TRUMP.


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