Volunteering opportunities with Anda Travel

Microfinance: a sustainable solution

The organization works for the social, cultural and economic development of impoverished neighborhoods, supporting families living in poverty and vulnerability that want to alter their present situation.

It offers loans and assistance to women in situation of poverty, for microenterprises, construction or house renovations. This means providing financing to those who, not being able to receive any loans, find themselves in imminent need to generate it, motivated by urgent needs such as feeding their children, offering them access to health, to education, and to a more promising future.

Beyond economic stimulus, they work intensely in providing the necessary tools so that the entrepreneurs can carry out the accounting of their businesses, detect the demand of their products, and become competent.

This volunteering opportunity involves fundraising and institutional development activities and support in the field work of the volunteers who visit the entrepreneurs on Saturdays.

Promoting blood donation

This is a non profit organization that works to promote the altruist blood donation in Argentina. It is a modern blood centre with next-generation equipment and specialized personnel to meet all requirements of Transfusion Medicine. It carries an intense activity in the promotion of blood donation, through street advertising campaigns, information in schools and private companies, and throughout internet tools.

The volunteering at this organization involves fundraising and communication  tasks.

Helping with the hunger problem in Argentina

This is a institution founded in 2001, that works as a link or bridge between the soup kitchens in Argentina that assist hundreds of families in need and companies that can donate food. They are an organization that work as an efficient and honest channel of distribution of food, which guarantees that the donation will reach those who are in need.

Volunteers are extremely necessary for the fulfilling of their mission: to help those who suffer hunger, gathering, stocking and distributing food which is apt for its consumption while educating about the problem of hunger and malnutrition in Argentina.

The volunteering  work in this institution involves tasks in the promotion of the work of the charity, actively working in fundraising and participating in different programs that the organization carries out.

About the company

ANDA (http://andatravel.com.ar/en/) organizes responsible urban tours in Buenos Aires, trips and volunteering experiences in Argentina. ANDA is committed to the preservation and appreciation of culture, to the development of local communities and to the conservation of Argentina’s ecosystems. We want to contribute to make our country a fairer place for everyone. We believe that responsible travel helps to achieve these goals, whilst gives tourists a broader and deeper insight of our beautiful country. We aim to strengthen the role of tourism as a mean to get funds for social endeavors and to preserve Argentinean natural resources.

Our philosophy

We aim to quickly get our travelers into our society and do our best to facilitate their active involvement in each community they visit, so that they can learn about the argentine way of living and feeling.

We bring travelers closer to locals as equals, respecting the identity of the visited communities without over exposing them and responsibly deciding on the activities and proposals together with the local communities.


In Argentina, there are many families that rely on the help of many NGOs that work in health, nutrition, housing, education and recreation, among other themes. Participating as a volunteer in these initiatives is one of the best ways to get involved into the socioeconomic reality of a country or geographical region.

Volunteering provides with a unique form of travel, work experience, cultural insight and real in-country living with local communities. Work with ANDA to help conserve and protect the environment and to enhance sustainability practices to benefit those in the future.

ANDA advises you on the different volunteering programs we offer in Argentina and help you organize your stay. Our advisory in Volunteering in Argentina starts with the basic info about the candidate, from which we start with the selection of the right organization that matches with your needs and profile. Afterwards, we present the organization and volunteering proposal to you and arrange for a conference call together to clear any doubts and explain details.

Once in Buenos Aires, we make a complete follow up of the candidate; we join you in the first day of volunteering to introduce you to everybody during the adjustment process; and then we hold a personal interview in the middle and after the whole experience, so as to evaluate it.

Volunteering opportunities with Potencialidades

Potencialidades (http://www.potencialidadesweb.com.ar/ingles/home2.html) has identified several potential projects for MIT students. Below are some ideas that can be tailored to your interests, please contact us to learn more about this opportunities and to inquiry about any other ones you believe Potencialidades could benefit from.

- Introduction to Science workshops for kids.

- Car tire reclycing project

- Fund raising strategy

- Microcredit projects

About Potencialidades

Our mission

To create playing  and  recreational  areas or centers -LUDOTECAS- that work as safe havens in the community which will allow the full development of the children’s abilities and capacities with the goal of improving their social and future job market insertion.

Potentialities include all the inborn capacities each person has.

We believe that these capacities will only be able to emerge and develop  in a favorable environment; otherwise, they will be truncated and will remain locked up inside.

We believe it is our responsibility to create suitable conditions in order to achieve the maximum development of those capacities and abilities.

We believe that playing is important because it stimulates the childrens’ emotional and intellectual development. The LUDOTECA methodology is proven to improve social skills, community relationships, intelligence and self esteem. By encouraging them to use their imagination and games, those who participate better themselves and their surroundings. Children and teenagers take advantage of games, books and art that stimulate creative learning and community interaction, social inclusion, problem solving and conflict resolution.

We truly believe in the potentialities of each one of the children and young people who attend the programs, as well as those of the leaders that are members of our team.

Our history

Our organization opened simultaneously two LUDOTECAS in the province of Buenos Aires on March 1st 2004, in the counties of Pacheco and Benavidez.

In the beginning, the activities took place in local football clubs. After a while, they moved to local neighbors’ homes that were specially adapted for that purpose.

Each LUDOTECA is managed by two or three coordinators, many of whom are local people from the neighborhood and who have been trained for this specific job.

On April 28, 2007 we opened our own space in Las Tunas, Pacheco, thanks to the generous donation of private contributors. There is a  trailer house in a small lot, and since the installation of a water pump we have been able to provide running water that we share with the community.

The LUDOTECAS develop an array of activities from Monday thru Saturday, which vary according to the kids’ ages and range from games and book reading to artistic expression. They also include recycling projects such as building toys and objects using disposable materials, thus creating further environmental awareness. As of today, about 300 children attend three spaces in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires.