MIT 4.567         Prepared by TN (2017.04.18)

Revit Custom Family Component Submission Form

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Please fill the sections below to submit your assignment and make a presentation page. Click Submit and Update
button of each section below and revise your content any time. Do NOT use any special character in the filenames.
(Avoid single and double quote, + * ( ) [ ] { }. They may hang the page. )

Step 1. Basic information of your component

  • Your name (first name and last name)

  • Descriptive title (example: Corbusier's Skylight in La Toulette)

  • Your Component file (Upload a single .rfa file or a .zip file of one or multiple .rfa files. This server does not allow downloading a .rfa file. )

  • Unit: Imperial (feet/inch) Metric

  • Name of the Revit family template used (such as generic_model_wall_based.rfa):

Step 2. Usage

  • Upload an image (.jpg) that illustrates the basic parameters and variations of your components.
    Make the width of the image file to be 600 pixels, and data size less than 2 Mb.

  • Write or copy brief text here that describes the design of your component and includes your inspiration,
    parameters, and how to use it.

Step 3. Reference

  • Upload an image (.jpg) that includes your design source. Combine drawings and photos if appropriate.
    Make the width of the image file to be 600 pixels, and data size less than 2Mb.

  • Image caption (example: Tadao Ando Details vol 1, Sumiyoshi House, p201 )

Step 4. Review

After finishing Step 1-3, check your page submission by clicking here, and complete the section
below by reviewing one of your classmate projects. Upon completion of this section, you will be
added in the class listing.
  • You are assigned to review a project made by:    

  • After reviewing the component made by your classmate above, put together your comments
    in a page of PDF file and submit. Briefly describe what you liked, what can be done to enhance,
    and any other productive advise/feedback helpful to the author. An example of comment is here.