04:19 Ticket #265 (PHP dl() doesn’t work) created by andersk
[…] […]
02:13 Ticket #2 (php.d and php.ini have bad interactions) reopened by andersk
I’m going to reopen this until we actually solve #172, because I’m not …
01:50 Ticket #264 (Python load time is ridiculous) created by ezyang
If you strace say a Trac FastCGI, you will see Python stat a bazillion …
01:44 Ticket #2 (php.d and php.ini have bad interactions) closed by ezyang
wontfix: #172 offers a nice way of "fixing" (i.e. not doing) this, so I'm going to …
01:12 Ticket #252 (TurboGears FCGI stub needs to be updated for F15) closed by ezyang
fixed: Deployed.


23:30 Ticket #263 (Support HOME=/mit/lockername/Scripts and use it by default for new users) created by andersk
Basically all software that uses $HOME expects it to be readable, but …
21:28 Changeset [2037] by ezyang
Revert r2036.
21:24 Changeset [2036] by ezyang
Add g-e to known_hosts for scripts-ssh.
21:13 Changeset [2035] by ezyang
Fix incorrect public key.
21:06 Changeset [2034] by ezyang
Configure golden-egg.
20:59 Changeset [2033] by ezyang
Use backslashes to get some newlines in ServerAlias.


21:42 Ticket #262 (Mangle locker names that are invalid hostnames and MySQL usernames) created by andersk
Certain locker names don’t entirely work with scripts: * #106: The …


21:51 Ticket #261 (scriptsdev=dev for deploydev doesn't work on exec fastcgi stubs) created by ezyang
The FastCGI stub always points to /mit/scripts/deploy and never …
21:12 Ticket #247 (systemd parallel bootup breaks unspecified dependencies) closed by ezyang
21:11 Changeset [2032] by ezyang
Add systemd dependencies on remote filesystems/cron to httpd.
20:40 Ticket #250 (F15 comes with Rails 3) closed by ezyang
fixed: Deployed. (repackaging was r2025)
19:16 Changeset [2031] by achernya
Update redland-bindings to F15 version.
19:15 Changeset [2030] by achernya
Update openafs-include-xstat to work on OpenAFS 1.6
19:10 Changeset [2029] by achernya
Update path to ksu, and include pkexec in statoverride
19:07 Changeset [2028] by ezyang
Revert r2027.
19:00 Changeset [2027] by ezyang
Hack to httpd SySV script to depend on crond and openafs-client, so it doesn't die on DocumentRoot. See https://scripts.mit.edu:444/trac/ticket/260#comment:1
18:59 Ticket #260 (Patch future systemd Apache to depend on openafs-client and crond) created by ezyang
When Apache is truly systemd'ified, we will be able to add the following: …
01:44 Ticket #247 (systemd parallel bootup breaks unspecified dependencies) reopened by achernya
Installing the fix causes httpd to fail to start. Adding a dependence to …


16:21 Changeset [2026] by achernya
Merge r1989-2025 from trunk to branches/fc15-dev
14:37 Changeset [2025] by ezyang
Patch rubygems to include threads, making old Rails 2 apps work again.
14:13 Ticket #253 (Django admin media missing on F15) closed by ezyang
fixed: OK, they exist now.
13:56 Changeset [2024] by achernya
Correct /etc/aliases on the directors.
02:43 Changeset [2023] by mitchb
We've vos moved - come visit us at our new location!


18:00 Ticket #226 (/usr/kerberos/bin is gone in F15) closed by ezyang
wontfix: Pony had hard-coded it. I suggest helping people fix their apps when they …


22:49 Ticket #259 (RT tickets opened with CCs do not send correspondence to those CCs) created by mitchb
We recently added a scrip in use by some of IS&T that adds people CC'd on …


02:04 Ticket #258 (gdchart PECL module is broken against current gd library) created by geofft
[…] It looks like this is fixed by …


22:18 Ticket #168 (scripts-cert-test IP address) closed by geofft
wontfix: scripts-cert implies you're using tilde URLs, which is deprecated. While …
22:07 Changeset [2022] by geofft
Update location of Django admin media for Python 2.7 (Trac: #253)


13:32 Changeset [2021] by andersk
Neuter setuid bits from /usr/libexec/kde4/kpac_dhcp_helper


19:40 Ticket #206 (We forgot to keep disabling new PHP extensions) closed by andersk
fixed: Fixed in r2017, r2018.
02:54 Changeset [2020] by mitchb
Tune mod_fcgid parameters o Allow the number of fcgi processes for a given app to be pruned to zero if they go idle long enough (the default for this setting resulted in even idle fcgis sticking around forever) o Increase the idle timeout for fcgis to 10 minutes to match our LVS mapping persistence timeout o Cap the number of fcgis for any given app at 10, and force any fcgi to die after 10,000 requests to guard against resource leakage


03:18 Ticket #257 (/usr/vice/cache can fail to mount) created by geofft
In checking up on assertions that running fsck on our ext2 AFS cache …
02:35 Ticket #256 (Make finger @scripts work with iptables script) closed by mitchb
invalid: You are very confused. We dealt with this forever ago. It even works …
00:08 Changeset [2019] by ezyang
Migration and formatting instructions.


22:59 Ticket #256 (Make finger @scripts work with iptables script) created by ezyang
Real scripts doesn't run fingerd. […]
16:17 Changeset [2018] by andersk
Mention disabling PHP extensions in upgrade-tips (Trac: #206)
16:12 Changeset [2017] by andersk
Disable new PHP extensions for F15 (Trac: #206)
00:05 Ticket #255 (AFS cache partition) created by ezyang
This seems to work reasonably (no journaling since we don't care about …
00:04 Changeset [2016] by ezyang
Extra notes about LDAP.
00:02 Changeset [2015] by ezyang
Create AFS cache partitions for new servers.


23:44 Ticket #254 (Drive a rusty spork through mbash, repeatedly, and dump it in a gutter.) created by andersk
mbash breaks gdb: […]
16:42 Changeset [2014] by achernya
Build xstat_* in OpenAFS The official OpenAFS spec file disgarded useful debugging tools. This patch is a backport of the specfile changes to keep these tools in the RPM.


13:38 Changeset [2013] by ezyang
Certificate for hmmt.mit.edu
02:44 Ticket #253 (Django admin media missing on F15) created by geofft
http://scripts-test.mit.edu/__scripts/django/media/css/base.css and …
02:41 Ticket #252 (TurboGears FCGI stub needs to be updated for F15) created by geofft
Apparently commands.py is now command.py, so you need this tiny patch to …
01:42 Ticket #247 (systemd parallel bootup breaks unspecified dependencies) closed by ezyang
fixed: Fixed in r2011. We still need to upstream though.
01:40 Changeset [2012] by ezyang
httpd 2.2.21 (was lying around)
01:39 Changeset [2011] by ezyang
Port OpenAFS to use systemd.
00:57 Changeset [2010] by geofft
php.d: Force the timezone to America/New_York When PHP 5.4.0 is released, PHP will refuse to "guess" time zone information from the TZ variable or from the OS (which on Linux would be /etc/timezone?), and this needs to either be set using a function or using a php.ini option. Since this behavior is deprecated in current versions of PHP, we might as well deal with it now.
00:11 Ticket #251 (phpBB is embarrassingly out of date) created by geofft
> [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /index.php on line 86: date() …


23:42 Ticket #250 (F15 comes with Rails 3) created by geofft
Our Rails autoinstaller doesn't work any more, since it assumes Rails 2 …
19:57 Changeset [2009] by ezyang
Explicitly specify uid 103.
10:24 Changeset [2008] by achernya
Certificate renewal for ua.mit.edu
10:24 Changeset [2007] by achernya
Certificate renewal for twentytwelve.mit.edu
10:23 Changeset [2006] by achernya
Certificate renewal for sipb.mit.edu
10:22 Changeset [2005] by achernya
Certificate renewal for signup.mit.edu
10:22 Changeset [2004] by achernya
Certificate renewal for fridget.mit.edu
10:22 Changeset [2003] by achernya
Certificate renewal for cdsa.mit.edu
10:21 Changeset [2002] by achernya
Certificate renewal for barnowl.mit.edu


10:24 Changeset [2001] by achernya
Scriptsify redland-bindings redland-bindings, which is the source package that provides php-redland, is broken upstream, which prevents the module from being used. This rebuild corrects this issue by changing zend_error_noreturn to zend_error.


22:17 Changeset [2000] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for maseeh.mit.edu [help.mit.edu #1762329]


22:03 Changeset [1999] by ezyang
Initial commit of credential cloning code.
01:47 Changeset [1998] by achernya
Update postfix configuration for 2.8.5
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